The new freedom for PICMA actuators using a novel manufacturing technology, now also multilayer actuators with internal holes or in unusual shapes can be produced. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ali Partovi. Virtually any, even three-dimensional contours, finest drilling and textured ceramic surfaces are possible. Special milling process the sensitive ceramic films already in the Green State, so before sintering. Then, the individual layers are fitted with electrodes and laminated. How is the PICMA sets sintered ceramics in the co-fired process together with the inner electrodes. The result is a continuous ceramic insulating layer, with all its well-known benefits: the Piezoaktor is protected against humidity and has a high insulation resistance, allowing life of to conventional polymer insulated actuators is significantly increased. PICMA Piezostapelaktoren with additional internal bore are ideally suited for fiber stretching applications.

Piezo bending elements are also in various forms with and without holes possible. PI ceramic (PIC) is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of piezoelectric ceramics. Among others, the PICMA excellent for their reliability multilayer Aktortechnologie dating home PIC. Since 1992, develops and produces PIC Piezoelectric ceramic materials and components for standard and OEM solutions: Piezokomponenten, ultrasonic transducers, actuators, and system solutions. PI ceramic, a subsidiary of physics instruments (PI), has its seat in leather pants, Thuringia, Germany.