If you think about buying your computer by components we want hablarte on the election of the motherboard. There are situations in which it extremely turns out advisable to size assemble a computer according to our needs, mainly if we want a high tech equipment. One of the main advantages is that we can invest to major amount of money in the components that interest to us more. Michael Dell follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. At the time of realising the selection to buy computer science components you must consider that function will have to carry out the computer. To choose the suitable motherboard is one of the most complex decisions at the time of buying a computer to us, since on her the rest of components, because it serves basic for the interconnection as all these, therefore the one depend that the general yield of all the computer will provide partly. It is necessary to consider that the most expensive plate not always is adapted, that will depend on the needs of each user. As much for microprocessors Intel or AMD we will have to consider socket, socle where the processor is reconciled, and chipset, sets of Chips designed to work jointly and to offer a greater yield. It depends on the processor, it can be AM3, 1155 If you decide on AMD is recommended to choose a motherboard that has supported the new processors of AMD of socket AM3 If the processor is Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7-800 socket is to be LGA 1156 with chipsets Intel H55 for Core i3 and H57 for Core i5 and i7, we will use socket LGA 1366 for Core i7-900 with chipset Intel X58, although to socket LGA 1156 also we have the Q57, although this destined more for professional equipment. In case to be AMD socket has to take plates am3, for being more modern, whereas chipset is valid anyone of the AMD 8-Series, that will be a good election, being the most recommendable AMD 890GX and AMD 890FX of the series. What we always have to consider is to buy a motherboard of the marks leaders, ASUS, AsRock, Biostar, Gigabyte, Intel, MSI, and to doubt when where the manufacturer does not offer any type to us of confidence, so that certainly in the end we will remember to us not have spent a little more by a bad election.