Automatic or mechanical? When choosing a vehicle, many question: “What’s better? Manual transmission or automatic? “On the one hand, the ‘machine’ offers the convenience of operation, with another – the high cost maintenance and smooth acceleration. In cases of failure, how to fix a machine generally can not, unless changed by the warranty. When some American ‘machines’ well repaired, now it’s different – modern with electronic control units and special packages clutch, with details differing in thickness by five-hundredths of millimeters, usually not too tough for the employees of service. At the expiry of warranty, the owner orders contract (b / y) box from abroad. Naturally, this risk – and can not get lucky. On the other hand, the constant traffic jams, manually put in a two-hour drive at a speed of 3 km / h is very tiring.

Naturally, the fast clutches fail first and second gears, the clutch at all and say nothing – Release Bearing sprawling, destroys petals basket. Time passes, and automakers are increasingly inclined to automatic transmissions. And not without reason, improving the design, there are innovative solutions – variable speed, there are dual-clutch gearbox and robotic transmission. There are many amateurs operate the car very hard, there are novice drivers. Engineer’s not for nothing that coined the term ‘foolproof’.

Automation makes it impossible to “mess up” the car in a short time. The main gripe for fiscal foreign cars with automatic transmission – a lazy start. On powerful machines with the “automatic” no delay at startup does not happen, even with the same transmissions. Why does this happen? In the machine plays a major role torque – a very interesting design, where fluid transfers torque. And, importantly, is transmitted linearly. Automatic, in our opinion – is the best choice.