EP selection Valero Rivera defeated Lithuanians by 16-25. The success and rapid transitions in part decided. The European Championship will be played next year in Serbia. The Spanish national handball team qualified for European Serbia 2012 imposed by 17-26 to Lithuania, thanks to quick transitions quickly culminated in the second part, since in the initial half of Valero Rivera struggled to overcome the powerful Lithuanian dnsa. Spain not found comfortable in attack at the Siemens Arena, but appealed that being his hallmark, the dnsa, to rein in the premises, which were not as heady as expected.

Thus, faulted prevails by the successes in both combined, the highest quality Spanish was crucial to open gap. Valero Rivera’s weren’t able to overcome Lithuanian dnsa, except thanks to their ends, which either to Kickback, or from his position, became the only ones in some regularly beating an inspired Pazemeckas, the best of yours. Lithuania could not with the visiting dnsa and demonstrated that the attack is not his best side. In this way, little by little and without a game excessively bright, selection went on the scoreboard, reaching the break with a comfortable income of five goals (6-11). Problems in attack by Lithuanians lasted to the beginning of the second half, although the current Olympic and world bronze was not right to take advantage, finding once again struggling to make goal. Anyway, the superiority was still clearly in favour of the Valero Rivera’s, who sent in the electronic calmly and reached the eight goals difference (8-16, min.41). Spain continued to maintain comfortable differences (11-20 tube:min.50) and performed moments of good game. 17-26 Finish reflected the Spanish superiority, which ensures its classification to the European Serbia of next summer. Source of the news: Spain qualifies for the European Handball 2012 after beating Lithuania