This affirmation finds sentry box in the diverse segments of the society, except, ‘ ‘ classroom gestora’ ‘ that, what seems does not demonstrate sensitivity of ‘ ahead; ‘ caos’ ‘ that (DES) it involves the society and it affects, over all, poor than throughout the process of construction of the Brazilian society they had been kept out of society due to ‘ ‘ natureza’ ‘ in the way of capitalist production ‘ ‘ cultivado’ ‘ , this of the guideline of intention of the State abusively expropriated great part of the population absenting. The Brazilian poor classroom meets in this beginning of century XXI, therefore, unprovided of resources enough to supply its immediate necessities as: feeding, education, health and leisure having as alternative, the contemplamento with the politics ‘ ‘ paternalistas’ ‘ adopted for the State. The objective conditions of precarious works when existing they are generally e, insufficient, to understand one demand each more increasing time of the population city dweller what it contributes for the accumulation of the urban marginality. The populations of the cities (great, average and small) in turn, search alternatives for survival in the inferior circuit of the economy. The increasing marginalizao of the young generally leads these (poor) to the meeting of crime being coerced by the violent action imposed by the drug trafficking, and, infanto-youthful prostitution, fact that discloses to the abandonment and the state more declining than the human being are submitted when vitimado for a society that if it inspires in the expropriation as convivncia norm. In the poor peripheries of the cities, the young ones generally are launched in the conditions of search for the survival. They are improper conditions, therefore the search for the bread substitutes the search for knowing and the STATE, alleges not to make use of resources enough to invest in supramentioned strategical sectors already, which not being prioritized, testify of the intention of the State despot to support the people in a condition of perpetually subordinate life.