The main thing – to choose paint that matches the type of coverage. Say, for plasters based on acrylic dispersion paints you can use any. When she raised surface has ceased to please, and I wanted to have a perfectly smooth wall, decorative plaster, you can simply putty. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts. Leveled surface so make out any other way. The walls are treated in this way, become even stronger, especially if used to cover based flexible acrylic resins.

It is necessary to take into account the truth that is difficult to putty tolstofakturnuyu plaster. A third option to change the look of the walls – abrasion relief electric grinder – requires effort. And here you will remember those artists that you all once did. That is, if the work was done qualitatively, if the decorative coating was applied on the basis of correctly prepared, the process becomes rather dusty and time consuming, but this method saves you the "increase" the thickness of the walls and helps create a favorable microclimate. Cost As they say – will be brief. The cost of direct materials plaster costs about 50-100 USD per square meter (comrades from Russia could multiply this figure by 5 to get rubles, well, ladies and gentlemen of America can be divided into 5 to get $$$). But apart from that wall is necessary to prepare – (Simple plaster where necessary, filler, etc.). Primer – around 60-70 USD 10-20 m2 (as you allow the conscience).

Plus the tools – there anyone that is (do not forget to buy a stick and a broom). And most importantly, the work of masters. In Donetsk, cheaper, Moscow, I think it is more expensive. The exact amount will not tell, but must focus on the cost of materials (brick put, it is worth the cost of the bricks). That's all I wanted to tell you about today and decorative plaster.