Hair removal is a technique that aims to eliminate body hair. They are usually shaving the eyebrows, underarms, back, breast, English, thighs, knees, legs … With this course you will learn the criteria to be considered for selection of hair removal wax types that exist, retarding hair cosmetics and many other issues, whether you are a professional or you are waxing client, will be of great helpful to know. Depending on the area to be waxed we can choose a method of hair removal or another: – Face is advisable to use electric hair removal in areas like the chin, sides of the face … However, it is not advisable to pluck the hairs with tweezers or area waxes as they strengthen, except for the area of eyebrows and upper lip. – Arms: When deemed appropriate bleach is better than shaving.

If you choose the hot wax hair removal is used and subsequently hair inhibitors. Another method recommended is the hair removal and infrared probe laser that emits a pure light of a single color (monochrome) that moves in a straight line up all the light photons travel at the same address, is very effective at removing the hair by attacking the hair follicle. Eg laser diode. – English: We will use for hair removal in this area hot wax, electrical, laser and pulsed light. On the hot wax can say that will produce a slight expansion of the follicle facilitating the removal of hair. – Cleavage / breasts: epilliation be used.