To the world of photography has evolved the darkroom to digital images, the traditional photo albums are being replaced by their modern counterpart, the photobook. Instead of pasting expensive photos revealed in an album, this new method makes use of specialized software programs, to arrange digital images and prepare a custom album, that we be sent home after you print it and bind it professionally. There are many reasons for families to design and maintain their own photobooks. The main is to preserve the memory and have memories to bequeath to future generations. Perhaps today does not seem very important, but with the passage of time, the stories that there is behind the images might lose or forget. To be able to create stories and photo captions to accompany the images, it becomes possible to transmit to future generations what was the importance of people, places and events.

Sometimes it is possible to scan old family photos and transform them in digital images until they deteriorate too much. Negative old can also transform into digital photos to add to the family photobook. Best printing companies, print your photobook in paper archival, capable of resisting the passage of time. Thanks to professional binding, will continue as new after years and years of turning pages. You can choose between a wide range of covers, from models in fabric to imitation leather of the highest quality. Elaborate photobooks is a great for any family idea, because it’s a fun activity where everyone can participate and enjoy. The preparation is easy and simple, matter if you are a hobbyist to collect clippings and design albums or if it is the least creative person in the world.

There are many websites with covers and pages templates, although you can also create your own. There is no more than drag and drop images on your site, to then write the text corresponding to his side. It can be very fun that each Member of the family takes care of a few pages, to tell their own stories. The books of photos can also be personalized gifts of extraordinary value. Some examples of gifts: a book of memories that a husband prepares for his wife as a gift for anniversary, a studbook for a family reunion, an album of photos taken at the neglect during a wedding, cookbooks that pass from one generation to another, books that collect works of art for children or books dedicated to commemorate a birth or a school graduation. In addition, if we use the photobooks as substitutes for the Home photo album, we can save. For the latter, as well as the processing of photos, which is not cheap, it will be necessary to buy albums, loose pages, adhesive stickers, colored papers and Office material. Thanks to the specialized software for picture books, we struggled to buy anything else. The only thing missing is the software, digital photos and access to Internet, files to upload the work When you are ready to print. To create a photobook of family you can give life to digital images which, otherwise, would be to always saved in any folder on your computer. There is no better gift for the family to share and preserve the most beloved memories.