Cooperation at universities of applied sciences effective and successful work is done best in a balanced combination of theory and practice. This includes also a close partnership of several actors from different knowledge and application areas. So, different skills can bundle and achieve goals together. The cooperation of the universities of applied sciences with national and international universities, institutions, organisations and companies from the most diverse areas of scientific and economic benefit not only students and research, but also companies and organizations. Transfer between science and industry theory and practice form a strong partnership in which both sides their core incorporate at the universities of applied sciences: the universities provide scientific and research expertise, train also highly qualified junior staff, who are well positioned and perfectly trained for the future professional practice. Reverse control Companies and institutions by teachers with many years of experience problem and tasks from practice at. So be strong collaborations with regional and supra-regional enterprises, institutions and organizations that benefit from the innovation and flexibility of this application-oriented universities: the partners can designs and contract research using the scientific expertise of the universities and exploit the resulting practical projects and products, directly applicable concepts and research findings. Regardless of whether lecturers from the practice of enriching lectures to examples from the everyday or whether research projects will be implemented in close cooperation: Universities of applied sciences are the competent partner and make the optimum bridge between scientific and practical expertise. Universities of applied sciences everything. Out of pure theory.