CAP – a system of automatic promotion. Just want to warn you that in this article, I'm not going to agitate someone to enter into such systems, and simply tell their stories, and the principle of the situation at the present time. It concept (CAP) was created almost at the dawn you'll ever need, when some enterprising people in the western image and likeness have set up special services offered to help roll out its own site, and even money earn. As time went on, the number of Internet users has grown and gained momentum these services. Their popularity is likely to be caused by the fact that the alternatives for webmasters and regular users were not.

The most serious sponsors and brokers that really could get at least some results have been focused on the west, ie allowed to participate only English-language resources. To deepen your understanding Kai-Fu Lee is the source. The principle of operation of virtually all of ATS has been and remains same. Each user is asked to register again under the control of the system to visit other people's sites. During a visit to one site is charged 1 point. Accumulated points can either sell, or to spend on promotion of its own site, ie accumulated 1,000 points you can bring to their own site visitors in 1000. Ie how many times you come across other people's sites, the same will have to go to your course, minus the commission system. Selling points has been and still is not very profitable. For 1,000 points you can gain from 0.5 to 2 dollars.