If you have a computer with a webcam and would like to keep track of the time of entry and exit of people, this article explains how. A biometric control system is a set of software and hardware. Others who may share this opinion include Viacom. This system being based on face recognition is called Facial Biometric Attendance Control. The hardware is responsible for obtaining biometrics. In this case, the webcam, which is responsible for capturing the images of the face of the person. a For the Control of Facial Biometric Support we need a clear picture as possible will be obtained with a 1 Mega pixel webcam a Royal Resolution (not interpolated), most midrange laptops that incorporate webcam meet this requirement. The software is responsible for reading and processing the biometric reading. In this case, detects when a person is in front of the webcam, placed his face, a lense and seeks the unique features of the face (the distance between eyes, eye size, mouth width, distance from eyes – mouth, etc.), which are ultimately those that differentiate one person from another.

These unique features are stored in a database and are allowing the software to identify the person and record the date and time the reading was done biometrics. A Software that performs these processes that you can find more information on the website at the following link Planigrafo.com. Traditional systems of control with fingerprint reader assistant sometimes have problems when the tracks or the reader are dirty, the fingerprints are of poor quality for the reader or fingers are dry. a In attendance control system Facial these problems are eliminated, only requires that the person faces the camera for a few seconds and ready. this system to be easily implemented, inexpensive and not require direct physical contact with people, is a real alternative for small and medium enterprises and social environment to medium traffic.