Hulbee desktop from immediately available Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. 13 July 2009 BETA status ade: since today is search software Hulbee desktop standard of Grossbay in an updated version available and officially completed. On hulbee_desktop.php anyone can be the program free download. Hulbee desktop search searches file names and file contents on your own computer as well as on external hard drives. “The software is the successor to the computer screen test winner superior search, and offers now a crucial advantage: the data cloud”, a cloud of concepts helps the searchers to find the desired file.

By clicking on any of the terms in the cloud, he narrows his search itself. With this unique technology the user finds his way through immense amounts of data on the computer easier whether photos, text documents, tables, or emails. At the same time the users of the software can search out the Internet. It also helps the data cloud. Since the successful launch on May 13 is the innovative technology on the search portal also available, who are looking for offers or information on the Internet. On the one hand, the updated version of Hulbee desktop standard has new features.

So, the software allows also searching the metadata of music files. Who searches for band name or album titles, get an overview of all its music files Hulbee desktop standard so. Of course, the search results can be then sort or filter, for example for certain file formats. But the developers have done more as a supplement only individual features. Hulbee desktop standard claims now even less resources on the computer, so compromising the desktop search does not work with other computer programs. In particular, the cooperation with Microsoft Outlook works smoothly now. Also the own program stability of Hulbee desktop standard was improved. Hulbee desktop is here for about a month. Grossbay plans now also to the paid end July Version Hulbee Desktop Professional to publish, which will feature advanced search features for corporate customers. System requirements: Processor: Intel Pentium III or Celeron, 800 MHz or higher memory: from 1 GB RAM free hard drive space: 200 MB and additional free space for the index file (depending on the number and size of the files of the user) compatible operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 2003 server other requirements: .net Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher 500 MB of free hard disk space, Internet connection. Grossbay AG Grossbay AG is a publicly traded, European software company headquartered in Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. Currently 59 employees can have up to 25 years long experience in the development of neural software. Grossbay AG is successful for years with their information and knowledge analysis in the business such as in the end user-software market. Grossbay AG has developed the Hubble program for knowledge management in companies with the aim of the global Expertise access”, so direct access to any knowledge existing in the company.