The ‘IOGEAR Wireless USB to VGA Kit provides a wireless image transmission. Almost all of the new generation displays can be used now as classic TFT monitors for surfing in the Internet, computer games or the ever-popular play online videos. Especially for TV lovers, this is now indispensable. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Asaro by clicking through. Continues the trend but always a shift of TV content on the Internet. So many German and foreign television stations offer their own media portals about the many content 24 hours a day are available. The problem: So far, a connection between external displays, such as HD TVs or projectors, and computers via a cable connection was possible. But hardly anyone is his computer in addition to the particular display or would like to firmly connect portable notebook.

Who has mounted an expensive projector under the ceiling is, know how difficult it is to hide the necessary cable as well. For all who are afraid to lay more cable, the PS3 GmbH in Rheine the solution offers. The IOGEAR Wireless USB to VGA Kit is now ‘ an integral part of our product range. This kit allows a wireless connection of external displays with the home computer or notebook. We know that many of our customers have been waiting for for a long time on such a product. We are happy to be able to offer it to any interested now at a fair price”, explains Christian Ahrens, CEO of PS3. “So not yet another cable must be routed across the apartment or the laptop loses its most important characteristic, the wearability, the engineer of the Californian company IOGEAR have the wireless USB to VGA adapter Kit” developed. The kit consists of two parts, a USB adapter to connect it to the PC and a VGA adapter which connect is on the corresponding display.

Both adapters have a small antenna and make sure that the contents of your computer via USB-wireless technology transmitted HDTV, for example, directly on the 16:9. It doesn’t matter whether the monitor is extended to a second level or the Content on the connected display to be cloned. The maximum range of the connection is up to 9 feet. The maximum resolution is 720 p video streaming at a distance of 4.5 meters. The Kit supports a resolution up to UXGA (1600 x 1200 pixels) or WSXGA + (1680 x 1050 pixels). In addition, the kit is compatible with wireless USB 1.