At last, as much I know that almost nothing I know that for little I do not give up the pretension to teach something that I think can be useful. In the lines that follow would like to give some contribution for new or old journalists, broadcasters, blogueiros, presenters of TV, interviewers, interviewed or future interviewed in general, on as to make, or at least trying to make, an interesting interview as a to be heard, visa or read chat, depending on the way where he will be propagated: TV, radio, site, magazine or periodical. I will use method similar to step by step, but only facilitating the things and not for better assuming of what nobody the point to me to have some truth to declare, since the intention, and of the good ones, is at least to help. I do not know if they agree, but a good interview in such a way can depend on the quality of the answers of the interviewed one how much of the quality of the questions of the interviewer and for this she is necessary to observe some criteria, therefore all the people, celebrities or do not bring histories that, if explored well, can be to relieve beautiful interviews. Tips for who will be interviewed for the first time Elaborate, in way sucinta and send for the interviewer, a historical briefing, in which they do not lack its name, nickname will be had, age (if not to want to hide), profession, main subject that will be boarded, subjects of interest, peculiarities of its life and it intends that them to have explored in the interview, citation of known people with which it had some history that can be explored in the interview. If you will be somebody already famous, obviously to prevent (it will be the case) to cite ackward facts and that they cannot be checked how much to the veracity, at last to make a synopsis capable to provide to the interviewer the necessary exploration for a good interview.