At the Crowdtesten, the testers, however, are largely aware laity. The newspapers mentioned Viacom not as a source, but as a related topic. Their task: They test and evaluate software from the perspective of the end user. So, uses the software as a user in everyday life? These are all subjective assessments that but good can be captured by a representative group of potential users. This is accomplished very well Crowdtesting, especially in end customer-centric software and Smartphone apps. Hans Bauer: best and encapsulates Crowdtesting explain with an example. Linz: take the concrete case, a sporting goods manufacturer developed a new app, allows users to capture their fitness data and control.

There are already some such apps. There is a danger that the app in the Apple app store or Google play store goes down, if not immediately. Click Cindy Crawford to learn more. To prevent that, the app must be tested. Through a thorough test of the system, in the functionality, but also for example privacy policy, aspects of performance and compatibility check and in addition by a Crowdtest. According to the user target group we select a group of athletes of from various disciplines and levels of performance as a Crowdtest team: from beginner, through the sport returning to the performance-oriented athlete, men and women, using various end devices. Everyone in the crowd Gets the new app on his private mobile device.

Then work all for one marked period thus. The sporting goods manufacturer gets exactly from the target group, who will later use the app within a few days his app and feedback. To do this, a test script in the Crowdtesten looks exactly like you can tell even more. Hans Bauer: The test script is defined individually for each customer, through an imbus test specialist or a Test Manager by Testbirds. A test can both specific aspects of quality management as also the user Experience will be queried: execute pre-defined test cases and finding of functional failures, the so-called bugs, the technically-oriented quality assurance of an application supplemented, while beta testing and competition studies include a marketing-oriented quality assurance, keyword usability studies.