What you should observe networks with Wi-Fi! Case of Internet in Wi-Fi networks currently alone nearly 100,000 Internet users in Frankfurt am Main, Germany have a wireless Internet connection (wireless network = Wi-Fi). Germany long a few million. But around 40% do not protect your network, your personal and confidential data, and open this gate and door for brazen crooks. As more and more ‘wardriver’ sniff out such unsecured Wi-Fi networks in all Germany. Gunther Sreball of the Hesse data protection supervision of the Regierungsprasidium Darmstadt said: “anyone who stands with the car in front of the door, unpacks his laptop, can themselves undisturbed in the insecure private network hook up.” Many young people make is called from hobby to wardriving. So music, videos or even child pornography can be downloaded illegally”. But only the owner of the private network will be punished. Because its digital fingerprint is left on the illegal sites.

And this digital fingerprint is not the Internet Crooks, but the unsuspecting Wi-Fi owners. Then the Prosecutor determines, the computer is seized. And who has not adequately secured its Wi-Fi network, be liable also for the theft of the Internet. Who is tapped to realize it usually unless the police with a search warrant stands in front of the door and one almost never finds the real culprit. Spying on Internet access there for over 20 years. At that time, Internet crooks chose numbers to find modems to surf at the expense of the victims, or to query data. Since there is Wi-Fi, there is the ‘wardriver’. The term composed together from “was” (wireless Internet revolution wireless access Revolution) and “driving”, the drive.

The Internet crooks is sitting in the car and checks off with special sniffer software (E.g. Netstumpler), where open networks are located. Snaps up and illegally downloads files from the Internet. Our TIP: Wi-Fi networks encrypt and better establish the professional leave with appropriate security setting, which really does. This saves you behind often real trouble! Privacy starts with you home!