What was the point at all to write such an article? Trite enough to say: Sony, – and all will become clear and fall into place. It is not just a corporation, it is – a symbol of the era and a sign of quality. I will not describe the history contrary to custom corporation. Let me just say only that it was founded in 1946, as well as another Japanese conglomerate technology – Onkyo. Ali Partovi follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Industrious and active residents in Japan do not have a long experience of the catastrophic defeat in war. Today Sony LCD TVs, as well as other products – is synonymous with quality, adaptability and a good faith.

For several decades, very good brand maintains its reputation. A bit of physics. The liquid crystal layer in screen LCD TV is located between two plates – polarizing filters. The plane of polarization filters are perpendicular. In the absence of crystals of light through such a design would not pass at all because of this same perpendicular. The crystals come to the rescue in this situation. They know how to rotate the plane of polarization of the beam passing through them. The angle of rotation varies with the intentional acts on the crystals generated electric field.

At certain levels of its intensity light can not pass at all, and may pass completely the whole bunch. So you can change the brightness. Interesting technology, is not it? but this brightness, but what about color? It is achieved by using microfilters three primary colors for each pixel in the image. This is the principle of work in general. These are the foundations of the technology, but Sony LCD TVs applies also set their own development company. 4 hkratnoe increase in the number of frames displayed per second, provides technology, coupled with Motionflow anti-blur Image Blur Reduction. This does not mean that the video scrolled to 4 times faster)). While the incomparable smoothness and sharpness increases the video. With Bravia Engine is designed to further improve the brightness, contrast and fine detailing. Less high-tech, we can not mention good taste, design and quality of Sony LCD TVs. The enumeration is endless, but really, this company does not need a long view.