Coaching does not teach, manages or advises. This is the main difference with other disciplines, which prioritizes the transmission of knowledge. The coach’s job in an interaction with another person can be seen as follows: a Listen to the objectives of the coachee Notes a shares detects what is missing for the achievement of results a Design talks to align their actions with their commitment a He is assisted until you achieve the desired results. Mujeresdeempresa. com. Robert Bakish addresses the importance of the matter here. presents an important question that leads to justify the importance of coaching and is: Why coaching is so important today? a Facilitate people to adapt to changes efficiently and effectively. a Mobilizes values central and commitments of human beings. a Renews relationships and makes effective communication in human systems.

a It encourages people to produce unprecedented results. a predisposes people for collaboration, teamwork and consensus building. a uncover the potential of individuals, enabling them to achieve goals that otherwise are considered unreachable What is ontological coaching? Specifically, notes about: The Ontological Coaching is a dynamic of transformation through which individuals and organizations review, develop and optimize their ways of being in the world. It is presented as a conversation that creates a new culture and not as a technique within the underlying culture. In a process of Ontological Coaching growth occurs in the realm of Being, through a transformational learning which questions with respect the traditional ways of perceiving and interpreting, where individuals and teams interrupt their conduct and behavior patterns common to begin to operate with greater creativity, leadership and proactivity, generating emotional competencies, of doing, thinking and communication. Ontological Coaching is basically a process of liberation from suffering and belief conditions that limit us.

It connects us with our resources and our ability to intervene, achieving greater well-being and effectiveness in achieving results that matter. Ontological Coaching develops the attitude and the ability to generate new ideas, to create new opportunities to discover new meanings, to invent new ways to find new connections, either at the individual or social. It is able to “drop” the sure-known, to begin a “journey” to the region of “untapped” for daring to design a to-come according to our concerns. July Olalla says that The Ontological Coaching is a discipline that was born as an attempt to take charge of the paradoxes we have in the organizations today. High efficiency with high doses of suffering technical expertise with working environments taken by mistrust, high technological capabilities and resources to face the future with resignation. There is no denying that knowing identify the scope, benefits derived from knowing how to use optimally the ontological coaching not only helps us to best use our abilities, but because the team members who are part of the company give way to their skills, safety skills to work successfully with the objectives laid down in their own personal growth. The highly competitive environment in the business world today requires individuals and companies more than ever a high-level performance and more quickly and that management can achieve if you know how to handle properly the ontological coaching. Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. (ITESM) (UC) Graduate in Business Administration mentioned markets, human resources, quality and productivity, education Ph.D.