If you connect an apparatus with a greater power, you are in danger that all the installation is burned. When you unplug a cable, you do not throw of him, but of the pin.You do not suspend the weight of the apparatuses, as it can be the one of a lamp, in the air hanging of the cable. If it beams, this one will be broken.S.A. to try to connect a male pin, this one is loose because cavity is very comfortable, is precise to separate the two legs of each so that it adjusts.Asegrate of which the current electrician in Madrid is cut before manipulating any plug or electric appliance of his electricians. First that we must do he is to know what happens to him to our plug.

Sometimes simply the outer face is had broken and others, the problem is technician more and it does not transmit the current correctly. The installation of the embellecedor is very simple. You will only have to disassemble of the wall the one that is aggravated and to replace it by the new one. The unique work that will take to you will be to relax the screws fix that it, to place the second and to fit it well. In the second case, it removes the plug and it verifies the state of cables: these will have to be fit to the tips well; if it is not thus, it relaxes the adhirelos screws that maintain them united and good. Then, it fixes the screws with firmness again. It corroborates that the plug works correctly and, if is thus, inserts the embellecedor in the ready wall and. In opposite case, the failure will be more serious, reason why you will have to go to a professional so that it solves the problem.