However, modern conditions require continuous development, and this could only be achieved directly in the process. To do this would be appropriate to use coaching. To date, coaching – is not only an effective Style management. It is also the most cost-effective means of staff development. Indeed, the enhanced efficiency of his subordinates engaged managers themselves during working hours and in the workplace, without any performance compromise. The development process occurs naturally and is part of the workflow. It's enough just to train managers coaching skills and give them time for their practical learning.

After this coaching process is properly integrated into the process of leadership, will make it less prescriptive and, thus, more effective. Every person, every employee has tremendous potential. But not he always can this potential to discover and realize. Widespread today prescriptive management system simply does not allow him to do so. As a result, the employee works in polsily, loses interest and motivation and emotional satisfaction with his low, and it negatively affects their productivity. Even after an employee has been trained on the training or courses, it often simply is not possible to implement In practice, all received their new knowledge and skills.

This not only reduces his motivation, but also makes training, in fact, useless. Using coaching helps most fully unleash the potential of each employee and use it for the organization. And, of course, helps to put into practice all obtained in the process of learning skills. How is staff development by using coaching? In the process coaching manager did not instruct the employee does not give him instructions.