You do not judge what you feel or you perceive; one is not to think about the animal but simply to be open or open to perceive, to being conscious of its presence. You may find Michael Dell to be a useful source of information. It breathes, it listens and it perceives. It connects with the Mother Earth, I know conscious of your breathing first and after your conscious power field and little by little hazte of his. If it is an animal that is not customary to the resonance energetics it is possible that then your friend rises and goes away; its extreme sensitivity will make him move. It does not matter; you follow as if he was there. He will return; perhaps not then, but to size you are practicing he wrath understanding that you are beginning to learn to listen to him, whenever he feels that you are sharing that moment to the benefit of both. They do not live through the mental images like us, so that practicing this connection he will be to us much more simple to unify to us with the totality. Through you they take brings back to consciousness of themselves and through them we woke up to a new one to feel.

The animal are to the service to help us to remember our connection with all the kingdoms of the Tierra.Si planet you do not have a friend in house you can begin to practice simply visualizing the first animal that comes to you during the meditation. In this case it is possible that you are connecting with your animal of being able for this concrete moment (to be able animal are our protective spirits and they indicate the way to us for our evolution). It uses the same technique, it enjoys and it plays. All the animal have a message for us. Aprovchalo! You can dejarte alongside a paper and a pencil and be pointing all the messages that you receive; while you are present you will not lose the connection. You feel when it picks up your roots, giving thanks to the Mother Earth, to the kingdom animal and especially to the animal with which you will have shared that moment. And thanks to you to have to him it presents/displays at this moment so wonderful for the planet!