3 Volumes, shadows and lights the next step, once you have fully corrected skin, is to give volume to your face with a tanning powder applied with a thick brush from the forehead down and sides. Try to apply it in the sites where you normally bronceas (forehead, nose and frontal zone of the face). Applies a Rouge in the center of the cheek and fades back. If it is a Rouge in cream, quickly see how it brings light to the face. Then applies an illuminator on the cheek, Chin, about the bow of Cupid, on eyebrows (and below also) and blurs. If you hurry, simply apply a shadow matte bone on the Arch of the eye. If you want a touch of night, you makeup inside the eye with a blue pencil.

Later, double layer of mascara, both the top and bottom, a good moisturizing gloss on the lips and ready! You will need a spell that correct without being noticed. Search in Bobbi if you have dark circles and Granites, or usa an illuminator (I love the La Prairie, although it’s not cheap, but come two) to correct and treat the contour. A makeup base that you will well, IE: which is equal to your skin tone, that it lasts all day and it is not noticeable. Yes, truth that is possible. My favorite is the base (now use Dior Nude texture powder), but also looks for Maybelline, Armani and Bobbi Brown. A tanning powder that give you a natural, luminous tone. My latest discovery is the Nars laguna tone.

It is not noticeable, but you notice, you know. A flattering Rouge. You know that I love Bobbi Brown cream blushes. A hair mascara that feels, but that does not move. I love Maybelline colossal volume. A transparent lip gloss. Recently discovered one organic in H & M (Yes, at H & M) and I love to every day. And finally, an illuminator that illuminates without shine like a Christmas tree, that is, to give light, but natural.My latest discovery is the Illuminating Lace Effect 002 of Dior powder. This week we recommend collection Pops Up Chanel by Brenda Garcia’s, professional makeup artist and tutor of Epro Te recommend that you take a look at the new collection of Chanel. With cakes as protagonists tones, it proposes a look fresh and natural, ideal for the new station. The collection is composed of blushes, gloss pictures and nail polishes with corals, pinks and Greens as protagonists. Toasted blushes contrast with the lips in shades of coral and pink acid. The best? The new shades of Nail Polish: Mistral, Riviera and Nouvelle Vague, a green water that will undoubtedly be the must of the season.