Today, more than at any other time since he invented the multilevel Marketing the networkers have the opportunity to build a profitable business that will grow in visible and sustained.All thanks to the Internet and new communication technologies that today go through a tremendous boom and nobody escapes us that they are the present and the future of the business. But internet is not only going to do the business for you, this espresso here is true, that should do the business you’re your but never forget always with professional criteria.What are the advantages of working a MLM business online? Let’s see some advantages to develop a MLM Online: flexible schedule: can work like you want, nobody sends you you’re the head of your business. compatibility with your current work: you can reconcile it with your current occupation until revenues are important enough as to dedicate yourself to the multilevel completely, if do you well this occurs in approximately 18 months. unlimited potential of ganancia:si you work for another you know what you’re going to win this month and the next, and another month, multilevel etc.en the earning potential is unlimited, there are a lot of people who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, even millions of dollars. small investment: a traditional business, requires a significant investment, can start it this business with a ridiculous investment. More prospects: Unlike the traditional MLM in which you work with a list of 100 or 200 persons in some cases the list fails to both in the Network Marketing online can expose your business opportunity before 5,000 or 10,000 people per month depending on the methods of promotion that you use. Better qualified prospects: In the traditional MLM you work with a list of acquaintances with different personalities and interests. Some have social skills, others not so, some like the multilevel marketing, others hate him to death, etc.