At the same time, not all applications of this kind can provide automatic backup, when once set up the software automatically copies your data on a predetermined schedule. In some cases, programs store information on a very limited number of carriers. Moreover, not all of them are able to meet the specific needs of users and provide the ability to copy certain types of data. For example, data automation systems and management accounting "1C", which is used today by an overwhelming majority of Russian companies. The data stored in the system, are vital to normal operation of enterprises, since records include financial and economic activities and production costs, accounting for taxes and wages, as well as lots of other useful information. Given the value of the data, "1C" requires manufacturers to certify their software products at a special procedure that ensures complete safety of use of a program for database backup and system configurations. (A valuable related resource: David Treadwell). Today, products that are similar to certificates, not so much.

Among the most famous and popular, we can say Handy Backup Russian company "Novosoft". Mikkel Svane will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Company for many years been developing software for data protection and has vast experience in this area, making the program extremely easy to use and which has a number of useful features. Reserve copies can be maintained virtually any media – hard disk, CD or DVD, flash drive, network drive or FTP / SFTP server. In addition, the services users – the service information storage network. The developers have taken into account almost all features of the process up and restoring data: depending on user preferences, copying can be comprehensive, incremental or mirror, made "manually" or automatically backup copies archived to save disk space and encrypted to ensure complete information is not available to outsiders. In addition, the program provides an opportunity to launch its service in the mode of Windows, which allows the application to the professional level. According to the president of "Novosoft" Vladimir Vashchenko, the demand for the program is constantly growing, with the most significant increase is noted in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as users who use the program in their professional activities. "Until recently, Handy Backup actively bought, mostly overseas – in America, Canada, Australia, England.

We have over 40 000 users around the world … "- says Vladimir. "But today, people in Russia are becoming more clearly aware of the need for greater attention to the problem of preservation of information. This confirms the interest in our program have increased significantly in recent years. However, domestic consumers have to these programs their demands. To meet them, we have been certified by the company "1C" and now Handy Backup can copy of their database systems and, in case of damage or loss, to restore them to pristine condition. This step, as well as belonging to the middle-price category (cost of the program ranges from 1,100 to 2,400 rubles, in Depending on the configuration), are key to the success of our product on the Russian market. We still have a number of promising ideas for future programs in our country, we look with optimism. " The future of software its kind in Russia really is. After all, the cost is not any comparison to the damage that can cause data loss financial well-being of the enterprise. Given that the probability of such an option events is high enough, the popularity of these programs will certainly grow, especially if we take into account the fact that they may compete with the much more expensive Disaster Recovery-systems, introduced today in large companies.