According to Coelho and Namba after the insertion of the PICC, could be noticed a discrete signal of bleed in the place where the puno was carried through, had to this it is used a o dressing with transparent film and gauze. This dressing will have in accordance with to be changed the protocol of the institution, or to any signal of integrity harmed of the covering. This transparent film makes possible very that the nursing team folloies and evaluates the aspect of the puno, being recommended had the protection that it provides in the place of insertion of the device.

This film is after indicated the insertion and during the maintenance of the dressing. The maintenance of the PICC demands an adequate manuscript of the nursing team and requires the use of an ideal dressing. This dressing will have to promote greater permanence of the catheter during all the therapy, therefore the inadequate stabilization can take the loss of the device. In virtue to be the dynamic of the overloaded UTIN of interventions, the nursing team, for being the main responsible professionals for taking care of, they must not only act in the direction of participar of the plan of cares, but also, executing and to evaluate its knowledge and its techniques in search of better resulted in regards to acquisition and maintenance of a venoso access in the RNPT. The study it extremely demonstrated the important paper of the nursing team in what one mentions the practical ones and interventions with technician-scientific conhecimento, during a implantation and maintenance of device PICC in neonatos interned in the UTIN. The PICC is a safe and very favorable device, mainly in specialties as intensive therapy in neonatologia, where the venoso access of the neonatos extremely is limited difficult.

The responsible professional for its insertion, either it nurse or doctor, must be apt to recognize the risks and the complications during this procedure, as well as the treatment related to the intercorrncias. The maintenance of the device requires the attention of the professionals, due to significant incidence of adverse events and complications that will be able to happen of inadequate cares. It is of extreme importance the qualification and permanent education of all the team of nursing how much to the manuscript of the device, promoting strategies that they aim at to characterize the assistance, with consequent reduction of the precipitated removal of the catheter and the complications related to its use, thus certifing, the security guard of just been born. A comparison between the intrauterine environment and the UTIN to evaluate the complexity of the problems faced for the RNPT is necessria. The nursing team must be intent and apt to intervine whenever it has some alteration during the use of the PICC. In this manner, the team must be zealous in regards to the interventions and humanizao of the cares to the neonatos. 1.