However, if the above conditions occur, there the guarantee for achievement of objectives, since this must be done in an environment that generates services designed to meet the expectations of customers. Hear from experts in the field like Samsung for a more varied view. That is why, processes constitute the fundamental factor to ensure that companies reach their goals or objectives. In virtue of the foregoing, I present some phrases that I think are of interest to the reader that reinforces the importance of managing the processes: manage is essentially achieve goals. There is no management without goals. Vincent Falconi based on the management of the company are its processes, by their ability to contribute steadily to the results, provided that the company design and structure their processes thinking in their clients. R Zaratiegui is important to highlight that the management by processes, as well as other tools or administrative technologies not be used by themselves within organizations, because they support or help to consolidate a managerial model. They have a rationale or a justification to be applied, whether used individually or are not subject to a management model are converted to simple fashions that are quickly forgotten or are no longer used. Once defined and clear concepts, we can define perfectly management processes, it perceives the Organization as a system interrelated processes that contribute to increase the satisfaction of customers.

An organization can be viewed as a system of processes. The implementation of a management system of quality, in the organizational structure of educational organizations, indicates a commitment by managers and that these must guarantee to provide the proportion of media resources for activities related to quality products or services meet the article presents an approach based on experiences meaningful, successful, and verifiable, so they are assumed by the education sector. Similarly intends to motivate all readers and actors of the educational system, with emphasis on the formation of human capital as the main factor, during life in function to the above, the organizations of the 21st century, would have enough tools to use in your organizational strategic plan. ABSTRACT the present work intends to motivate the actors in the education system, so that they are earned to develop a model of system of quality management for educational organizations of the 21st century, whereas the quality management system has documentary support for the achievement of the objectives, this work identifies the tools that are generating or indicators of the quality of the services offered by an organization, this article discusses management style should have a management and leadership to continue implementing a model of quality management. ABSTRACT This paper intends to motivate the players in the educational system, to be gained to develop a model system for quality management for the twenty-first century educational organizations, as the system of quality management have documentary support for achieving the goals, this study identifies the tools that generate or are considered indicators of the quality of services offered by an organization, the paper analyzes the management style must have a management and leadership to continue introducing a quality management model.