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Magda Calas

Adequate food helps slow aging is not only important to care for our skin with cosmetics and creams to try to slow aging. Optimal nutrition can help slow the effect that leaves about us over the years. So says Magda Calas, head of nutrition at clinic Eugin in Barcelona. In his view, it cannot be good for health but eats properly. Away from let us take by the so-called miracle diets or have recourse to low-calorie diets (less than 1200 calories), very harmful for the skin, Carla recommends a healthy weight. In his view, there is an ideal weight, but a balanced weight.

Nor believed to be obsessed with weight. And is that the intake of vitamins A, C and is vital to our body. Therefore we should not stop taking certain foods, because the skin can be the most aggrieved. Even fats must be present in our diet. The vitaminC, for example, is very beneficial for those who smoke or who suffer stress. Also good hydration is important: not obsessed drinking water, but drink provided that is thirsty. Beyond the 35 when a woman reaches the age of 35, is convenient to start afollow food tips that prevent the sudden appearance of the traces of time. For example, when making a seven, must take into account that you need less energy needs, so you have to control the derivatives of the flour or the amount of fats.

We must pay more attention to the lipids present in meat dairy olos, with many saturated fat also. Yes you should increase the intake of fiber, to regulate the bowel, take more calcium to the bones, moderate exciting beverages and take soft dinners. A shopping basket anti-aging fruit is essential, as a source of vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber and minerals. It is important to be fresh and store it at home shortly. Recommended grapes, apricots, peaches and citrus fruits. Must not miss the nuts, because they provide vitamin and fats that help maintain calcium levels. The most recommended almond, walnut and hazelnut. Vegetables are the best source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, in addition to having few calories. Cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes and watercress are especially beneficial. Virgin olive oil is a very valuable source of vitamin E, over all the extra virgin from first pressing. A healthy person can take without problems an egg a day, as it provides vitamin A and E, iron and protein of the highest quality. Better those who carry expiry date on the shell. Dairy products are a good source of vitamin A, but combine the integers with the fat and make cheese with prudence should. Blue fish is a fundamental source of fatty acids omega 3, important to slow aging. It can be found in salmon, sardines, tuna or mackerel.

Proteins And Diet

A large number of previous studies suggested that diets rich in protein are good for weight loss, although they wouldn’t clear the reason for this. The more satiating capacity of proteins compared to carbohydrates, seemed to be on the basis of these results. Scientists from the University of Wollongong (New Welsh of the South, Australia) have conducted a study, published in Nutrition & Dietetics, pointing in another direction; Although more than oppose the above argument, could join him. They analyzed the metabolism of obese people and compared with that of those of normal weight. The first conclusion arrived at which is obese is more difficult to metabolise or burn their fat. The second, that this difficulty reduces if they eat a diet rich in proteins. The study made during three days in 18 adults of an age around 40 years. Of these, 4 were obese, 8 were overweight and 6 had a normal weight.

When they took foods rich in carbohydrates and poor in proteins (14%), proved that obese and overweight had more difficulty to burn its fat. However, when it increased the amount of protein up to 30%, this senior when it comes to burning fat is significantly reduced. These results, which seem (and indeed are) hopeful, must however qualified on several important issues. Firstly, him not it cannot be concluded that the proteins slim; that, according to Marijka Batterham, one of the researchers, remaining for another later study. What does seem certain is that by reducing the body fat, a healthier body composition could be obtained. On the other hand, have to be prudent in determining a diet rich in protein, since it could assume certain well-known health risks: among others, kidney problems and, in general, a higher intake of saturated fat derivatives. Precisely, due to the risk of increasing saturated fats which would mean a diet rich in proteins, the scientists who conducted the study proposed fat as dairy foods, lean meat and eggs. In addition, they are investigating whether the beneficial effect of better burn fats also occurs where the origin of proteins is vegetable, such as beans or nuts. Therefore, it is advisable to act with prudence, take a varied diet (that Yes, with abundance of proteins that do not contain saturated fat, such as fish or chicken), do some physical exercise and, above all, do all this under medical control.

Irrigation Issues

In principle, any company can plant mamona, dend, soy, maize, etc. to produce biocombustveis. That is, the great advantage of these fuels on the oil derivatives is that its sources, the agrocombustveis, can easily be found or be produced in different regions of the planet. In some regions, however, these plantations need to be irrigated, and the biocombustveis can not represent a good alternative for the production of certain forms of energy. Let us take as example the soy. The process of transformation of the grains in biodiesel requires an insignificant amount of water. But, and when if it cannot count on rain? We go to the numbers.

To move an car of the economic classroom throughout one kilometer (sic), they are necessary 28 liters of water launched in an irrigated plantation of soy. Don Slager is likely to increase your knowledge. The data appear in the edition of June of 2010 of the magazine IEEE Spectrum (1). Etanol, produced from grains and/or cereals harvested in irrigated areas, also it is not a good alternative. The fuel with 85% of etanol requires 26 liters of irrigation water to move a economic car throughout one kilometer, this if assuming that as much the seeds how much the twigs and caules of the plants are transformed into etanol. In the United States, the irrigation already almost represents 40% of the removed water of aquferos, lakes and rivers. Others 40% of the extracted water are used for the production of diverse forms of electric energy. In accordance with the researchers King and Webber of the University of the Texas, the problem in that country is the increase of the production of grains, accurately in regions that they need to be irrigated.

The production of agrocombustveis on a large scale is a good alternative, yes, since that the local amount of rain is enough. The politics of vegetal oil production on a large scale in Indonesia and sugar cane-of-sugar in Brazil are, today, had as successful examples of the production not irrigated of agrocombustveis.

The Road

If my grandfather infamous it reds in the civil war, it is that I hate the reds, but if that belief pass through the sieve of my critical current, I realize, that became savagery on both sides and that I must not generalize. In this case I rectificare my belief. Another example is of that man I had the belief that we must never put your hand over a child, arguing that when he was small and was misbehaving, was enough a look from his father to make him tremble. He concluded by saying that he was very proud of the father, because he never beat him. That man, he was given the information that sometimes, these looks could make the child to think, that when his father wasn’t able to support yourself, you could reach even to kill him. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge.

It is much better for the psyche of a child, have the experience of how a parent can lose papers and then apologizing for it. In this case, this man scientifically enriched his belief, if it gave account that his attitude was very sadistic, and would his son a slap not leave him any indelible. By the foregoing and to summarize, deduce that each of us are depositaries of a map. Map, which contains family beliefs and ideology and with which we need to move us through life. By way of analogy, we know that a road map is the representation symbolic of the same, but it is not the road itself. However, the majority of humans believe that your map is the territory or what is the same: what I see through my glass is the reality.

As I say to my patients: If your map is 16th century will not have how to find calle Ayala. My job, as psychiatrist and psychotherapist is to update maps. A derivative of everything said, is that when two people do not share the same perspective, communication fails and if communication fails, always wickedness or folly is allocated each other. Let’s look at this with an example. Imagine for a moment that these sitting / a on a table in front of me and between the two there is an ashtray. Did I tell you: I can move the white ashtray please? You answer me that, of course, but that is black. I insist telling you that it is white, you answer me than black I white and so, after this struggle, it is likely that you start to think that I am wrong in the head, because from your perspective, it is clearly Black (me I happen the same with you), but if I still insist that it is white, there will come a moment in which you think that I’m not only crazy, but I’m very bad person, because I want to go crazy you you. As we can see, so you begin any process of change, it is absolutely essential that patients start to be aware of its optics and as this affects all of their relationships. To gain access to other tabs you can check my blog original author and source of the article

Middle East Languages

The term comes from latin lyrics, which is a compound of trans-which in turn means from one side to another as it reaches the Castilian (see transmission, transport, condescending, Trans-Siberian, trespass, delay,) and ducere, whose meaning is guiding (lead, seduce,). So the original meaning was the Guide from one side to another since this is the Mission of the translator: serve as a bridge from one language to another. It is important to highlight that, in latin, were born many terms from ducere. As for example dux who was the Commander of the military troops in ancient Rome (why Mussolini are you cheered as the duce) and, later, became the Spanish transformed into Duke (title of nobility which as such appoints the person with some illustrious military ancestor). Even so, intrepid travelers of the linguistic paleontology, if you want to still dig in a more distant source of the term will have to go back to a dark and distant language called Indo-European. For more information see this site: Mashable. Indo-European is a great mother tongue, as the matriarch of almost all European languages (disregarding even more mysterious as the Basque languages) and apparently born in the India. This language is like a great matriarch that went out all the languages Latin, Germanic, Slavic and other linguistic groups of Middle East. The problem of all these languages extinct millennia has is that it could only make a reconstruction from all descendant languages and some archaeological discovery casual. Learn more at this site: Robotics expert .

But what concerns us, our Latin ducere comes from the Indo-European root * deuk-which means Guide. Click Jon Vander Ark to learn more. Almost, almost as in languages such as in Castilian derivatives – Duce, or Catalan (-duir). But at times on this excursion by the time the physiognomy of the term can trasfigurar to be almost impossible to recognize him. An example of this is German, where using the verb ziehen, which means pull. And this word was born from the proto-Germanic * teu – it has and which in turn comes from the aforementioned Indo-European word * deuk-. Interesting, huh? The English equivalent is located not far from the original meaning to translate, that also comes from the latin. More specifically the translatus participle (TRANS – and latus, side), which means passing from one side to another, or simply moving.

With a practically equal to the English meaning. In conclusion, both the Spanish and the English show this proverbial conception of translation as a bridge between different languages. As the element that helps to establish links between different cultures and facilitate mutual understanding. In this 21st century, in which the globalization advances at an accelerated pace (unless some cultural friction can be avoided for this reason), the role of the translator acquires a central role in the midst of this historic juncture that will require large doses of understanding and tolerance.

KOMSA Systems Gold Partner

Distributor of Hartmannsdorf is positioning itself for its system partners and integrators to the future theme on WebRTC Starnberg, 4 June 2013 already at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover WebRTC solutions presented together ICT distributor KOMSA systems and the Starnberger See UC vendors ESTOS of Hartmannsdorfer. Due to the great interest of the public and the positive response on the shown VideoChat applications have agreed to further both partners, joint communication activities on the subject of WebRTC in 2013: supports KOMSA systems from immediately WebRTC communication portal. More info: Viacom. This system houses and integrators can test WebRTC-based applications in text, sound and image and personally convinced of the potential for change that recent real time (real time-communication-) technology. As one of the established value-add distributors in Germany, since 2011 one of the leading ESTOS CompetenceCenter, want the KOMSA systems as a specialist in the IT and telecommunications convergence market analyze changing potential of WebRTC for themselves and their system houses and integrators and sponsors therefore the communication Portal Castle Harlan is full of insight into the issues. ESTOS has as one of the first companies, and thus as a pioneer in the German-speaking countries, in recent months representative use cases developed for hurdenlose real-time communications on the Internet.

In the course of which, was the communication Portal launched, which offers the possibility of interested system vendors and integrators, ad-hoc VideoChat without installing a plugin-in the or any additional software to test on the basis of the WebRTC standards. Rolf noon, Managing Director of KOMSA systems, about the relevance of WebRTC for the company and the selected: We are moving in a very advanced and differentiated market. We deal so already intensively with the technologies of tomorrow, to open up new fields of business at an early stage for us and our system partners and integrators. WebRTC is in our opinion a future-proof technology concept that can lead to significant changes in the established market and holds an immense potential for the channel.

Plug Device

The USB is an interface plug & play between the PC and certain devices such as keyboards, mice, printers, modems, sound cards, digital cameras, etc, which in the past were connected in a different way eg via serial or parallel ports , which need different drivers to function and were much slower rate as transfer is concerned. This interface is also widely used in data storage devices such as the safety device or that our PC is locked and can not access our information as we can name several benefits the Port USB: 1 – One of the most important features is that it allows devices to work at speeds averaging about 12 Mbps, which is more or less than 3-5 times faster than a parallel port device and 25 to 40 times faster than a device serial port. 2 – It has a simple connection, since it only has one type of cable, so virtually no record errors when installing the printer, camera or even a storage device such as a, since only one type of cable (AB USA) with different connectors on each end, so it is impossible to connect incorrectly. 3 a “It’s multiplatform, it can be used on different operating systems like Windows, Linux or OS2 and different hardware platforms such as PC or MAC. This greatly benefits the compatibility, which eliminates the risks in their bids for a range of products, enabling manufacturers to create innovative combinations of PC, peripherals and software that meet the needs of specific market segments. Recall that in the past, each device had a different port, parallel printer port, mouse, serial port, as well as the keyboard using a port other than named ps / 2. 4 – It is Plug and Play, which is when we connect a printer or scanner through the USB interface, no need to shut down the computer to detect the new hardware because the system the connected device automatically recognizes and installs the appropriate drivers, which allows it to be hot plug-gable, meaning that the user can connect and disconnect USB devices whenever you want without having to power cycle the machine. 5 – It is of great benefit to people with less experience in the computing world as to connect certain devices such as a network card or modem, if you had years ago or whether to resort to open the CPU to install the device, this is much easier and simpler because now these devices are connected externally via USB. 6 – USB technology allows connections running, so that users can easily incorporate a printer and when needed, in USB, you can connect up to 127 devices to our computer. The picture shows a device for connection to expand the number of devices.

Best Applications

SketchBook Pro (5.99 in AppStore) the iPad is a very good digital whiteboard and therefore there are a good number of applications that serve to draw using your fingers. But among all of them, no doubt highlight SketchBook Pro like the best for professional results. With it we can choose between a wide variety of shapes and sizes for the brush and apply any color from the color range. Seems to be the ideal application for all those creative users who are looking for an advanced drawing application and you will be rewarded payment for 5.99 that costs. iMockups (7.99 in the AppStore) designs web pages, applications for the iPhone or iPad in a simple way and with all the career possibilities to create spectacular designs with simplicity with freedom. Pete Cashmore pursues this goal as well. It allows you to work with layers, make adjustments and prepare the projects in detail, as well as organize them. If you perform a common work with other people, you can expose complete presentations of evolution of the same from the application itself. these questions.

Adobe ideas (Free of charge) Adobe Ideas is an application in which we will be able to draw freehand, thanks to a series of very useful tools to draw lines, write, or apply colors. The application allows us to begin our work using a layer of design, which displays a blank canvas. We will also be able to open a photographic layer, which gives us the possibility to extract any photo album of our iPad and make drawings on it. We can keep all the sketches and work organized and accessible. Penultimate (2.39 in the AppStore) with Penultimate we are faced with a very simple but also very powerful application designed for use with the iPad upright.

With this application you can create different notebooks of notes in which draw diagrams or even write (best if we have a stylus adapted for the screen of the iPad). These notebooks are stored all together, making it possible to navigate between them as if they were images. Also allows us to send each page by email, so it is ideal to the time do a quick scheme and wanting to share it with other people. iDesign (3.99 in AppStore) perfect tool for designers who work with vector drawings. It has a gallery of tools to work with unless you throw under anything to create any design. Well so fast, or working to detail will be able to do jobs of all kinds with your fingers over the surface using multi-touch on the iPad. By clicking here you can find more iPad software. How to apply a makeup base shadow and brush original sketches of Pac-Man. Apple iPad 7-inch Version Under Progress-Rumors Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS iOS 4.

The Spek

So shows among other things, how business processes can sustainably optimize be in company with comprehensive functionality. The Spek trum of the practical software solutions ranges from the overall movement of goods via the digital invoice processing to the fully integrated financial accounting. All software solutions presented at the ISH were developed by experts and specifically geared to industry standard processes. So this can be using different parameters easily customize and handle intuitive due to the modern software architecture. Completely new user concept about RTC to the highlights of the exhibition is without a doubt the idea of RTC variant of the industry already widely used in Gevis solution. This application based on Microsoft and thus a maximum safe program core has a scratch-it out user concept and a new surface: all programs, applications, and information information which a user needs for his daily work, can be show directly on the home screen and open it. The sales manager can see all current orders and open offers of all Verkaufsmit workers of the company such as in addition to his own open tasks, the same applies to the activities of the sales staff.

The main customers, the sales of the previous period or the fast-moving items do is also visible and usable. The requested of the employee becomes an obligation of the system in this way. Much like in the cockpit of an aircraft or in a Briefcase at once all the necessary working documents are available. Everything in sight by business intelligence solution a great assistance for the daily work of the Management Board also the g-cube on the basis of CUBEWARE. This so-called BI (business intelligence) solution can for example collect, which products in the past have been sold, but also the diverse factors have ensured that a product was not sold. About g-cube can also individually be searched for relevant information from the ERP system, as you can put in the desired relationship and gra at the end – fish charts, create columns or signal lights.

Total Video Converter

Total Video To convert? MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, WMA, MP4, FLV, SWF, MPG, AVI, MOV, WMV, video for XBOX 360, among others. Professional Any DVD Converter? AVI, 3GP, MP4, GIF, RM, RMVB, MPG, MPEG, FLV, WMV, ASF, MKV, OGM, SWF, among others. Again the three if had left very well, therefore they more accept the formats used, with prominence it Total Video Converter and Any DVD Professional Converter that possess one better organization, dividing the formats of exit for categories. 2.3? Resource for writing of media? Free Video To convert? It does not possess no resource for writing of COMPACT DISC or DVD, compelling to the user to only use another software for this task. What it demands a little more than knowledge on the part of the user, mainly when is desired to convert the video to be shown in any device of DVD to player, therefore these devices use a structure of folders standard.

Total Video To convert? It possesss writing resources stops: DVD, SVCD, VCD, AUDIO COMPACT DISC and DivX DVD. As soon as the user selects the video the converter shows a screen with the options of exit formats and one of the borders is dedicated for the conversion and writing. Professional Any DVD Converter? It possesss resource for writing limited only to format DVD. Exactly with this limitation it has a good utility since it is the used format more for such end. In this comparative degree, he is evidenced the superiority of resources of the Total Video To convert, that without a doubt it is what better it corresponds the expectation of any user who desires to carry through to convert and to record its video without complications, in contrast of the Free Video To convert that at least he possesss this resource and therefore he was what got the worse performance in this evaluation.