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Allied Technological Dimension

SUMMARY the present Article is about the allied technology to the theory and the practical one in the system of the education in the distance (ED), a time that in the present time places the multimedias. In education technology is of utmost importance, therefore has been concretely one practical educative, that is, one practical of interaction pedagogical, whose gotten objectives, contents and results if identify with that they constitute, in the diverse times and spaces, the education, as project and human process, historical and politically defined in the culture of the different societies. Education in the distance came to facilitate the formation of the individual is it in the graduation and after-graduation in accordance with the availability of the same, it encloses the differences forms of study in all the levels that are not under the actual supervision, continues and immediate of professors with its pupils in the classroom or the same local, but that, however, they benefit themselves of planning, orientation and education for one support organization. This educational modality if presents with characteristic pedagogical and technological that can take care of to the adult population, diligent, that it does not have conditions to dislocate itself daily to the centers of formal education. The education in the distance translates nowadays the complexity of the educative process contemporary, to the measure that breaches the barrier of the geographic space between the professor and the student, modifies the historical conditions of the society. One perceives that the knowledge sample that we are involved in the unexpected one, thus the practical theory and if constitutes as two facetas of the same currency.

The defenders of the practical one allege that the theory is little accomplishes, a time that its application is subjects the specific and particular conditions. On the other hand, those that defend the theory allege that the concepts are the true sources of knowing and of the knowledge. The learning cannot do without the theory and the practical one. To learn means to be apt to make. For this it is necessary that if it knows the beddings (theory), but, that the necessary abilities to the transformation of these beddings in action of day-by-day are developed, through the practical one, developing aptitudes. Of these aptitudes they arrive it the evaluation process, in the education in the distance the envolvement of the pupil in the evaluation does not mean necessarily that it participates with the professor in its notes, and yes, that before them being attributed to it, it he verifies if really learned and if is if leaving well and where must emphasize more in the studies, perhaps correcting the route of its efforts. One is about an evaluation system that beyond measuring the academic performance of as the ideally disgnostic one on the efficiency of its studies, and orientation for eventual corrections. From there the two evaluations as formative and somativa.

Technological Development

The necessary object of knowledge, some form, to be entailed to ' ' necessidade' ' of the group/pertaining to school community to explain, to understand, to intervine, to move, to foresee, something that defies. Ahead of all these consideraes, we present in this work the accomplishment of a research on Chemical Composites present in the rinds of shrimps and crab, animals of abundance in our city, where its carcasses are plays to the garbage without exploitation. Observing so well its molecular formulas, thus being able to identify to the chemical elements gifts in such structures, understanding as to differentiate the chemical functions gifts. The Quitosana is one two organic composites that we can find in the rinds of these animals and that it comes being studied for the UFC (Federal University of the Cear) in the known sector as PADETEC (Park of Technological Development of the Cear), being this a used chemical substance for scientific, medicinal and commercial ends, where research discloses to its effectiveness in the absolution of ingested fats and reduction of the cholesterol. Of this form we choose pointers adopted for Amaral (2006) referring to this conception as base for our analysis.

According to author, exists the necessity of if working ' ' science as activity humana' '. Of this form, the same one must be presented historically contextualizada, not prioritizing the scene of the scientists, and yes the social-economic-cultural scene, in which its discoveries are carried through, the groups and institutions the one that belong or that they provide ways for its accomplishments. PART METODOLGICA: In view of the objective tracings for this work, we use as methodology the field research. In accordance with Little stream (2002), the inquiry accomplished under the theoretical perspective of the content analysis dimensiona the actions and guides the look of the researcher, allowing bigger understanding of as if of the o process of elaboration of articles of scientific spreading.

Technological Revolution

For Brave (apud PAPERT, 1985, p.9) that it affirms that, in the scope of construcionismo: … the learning happens through the process of the intelligent child to teach to the computer donkey. With this proposal, Papert inverts the current picture of use of the computer in the school. The computer leaves of being the way to transfer information and starts to be the tool with which the child can legalize its intuitivos knowledge. Biggest century XXI brought obtains the one of the revolution Technological Revolution. To each day that passes is each more difficult time to be without the use of technological ways or to be independent of them, it is as soon as if it must face the new trend. in the educational scope does not go to be different, with the information easiness it is had that to be prepared to face new the challenge that the NTIC go to bring to the professors and the learning.

Then it is important to be the shovel of the transformations and to try understands them. According to IHDE of (1993, cap.2), three aspects they are essential for the characterization of what it is technology: First, a technology must have a tangible component, concrete, a material element. Second, the material element, condition of base, must be part of some set of action culturally determined human beings. Third, it must have a relation between objects material and the people use who them, idealize or conceive (design), construct, modify. Now it fits to each one educator to understand and to look for to be I take care of to the concepts, to the meanings, the manuscript and to be along with the new features of technological world. Depending on the sight way, of the referencial it does not have to say that all the NTIC are educational and yes if it must bring it and become it an educational technology as says Cysneiros, 1998).: The computer can be some educational technologies, but also a not educational technology.

Selected Plugins

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Welding With Covered Electrodes

Covered welding electrodes are most often used for manual arc welding. In using them melt coating, which is formed from the gases and slag, and the rod. Slag acts as a protection of molten metal droplets and weld metal from oxidation. With the help of slag on the surface of the joint is formed a slag coating, which cleans the metal. Formed during the melting of the protective layer of the electrode gases to protect the weld pool from the air. Region use of coated electrodes – Welding ferrous and nonferrous metals, so they are used for surfacing. Their most effective use in the manufacture of parts made of metal thickness greater than 2 millimeters.

Just to plus welding electrode can be attributed to operate in different spatial positions. Required to operate the welding equipment is simple to operate, so you can take it to the universal level. But disadvantage is that this method of welding used manual labor and the fact that the weld metal is mainly formed by the weld metal. So we can conclude that the performance of the process is determined chemical properties of the coating, the kind of current, welding mode, the composition of the electrodes.

The Use Of Electromechanical Guillotine Shears

Introducing the Guillotine 'STD-9A. " Mechanical guillotine for cutting sheet metal and does not need air supply. In the guillotine metal cutting is done by setting the desired size of the gap between the blades and the downforce is proportional to the cutting forces depending on the thickness of the material being cut. Guillotine mechanical 'STD-9A' designed to operate in environments with earthed and three-phase network voltage 380Vt. When installing a mechanism for cutting the sheet must be securely grounded. The design of cutter has several advantages: – no eyeliner air or hydraulics. – Cutting is carried out Installation of the gap between the knives and downforce is proportional to the cutting forces depending on the thickness of the metal – the mechanism is isolated and self-moves – work on the mechanism can be implemented with assistance remote control or using the portable pedal – a reliable system of protection against injury; In one move, the blade beam is a segment of the band no longer than 2500. Cutting the sheets made with the use of rear stops, as well as markup.

Classic Electros Kamina

Do not always have the opportunity to escape to a country house and sit by the real fire, and the construction of such buildings in a city apartment rather dangerous occupation. But … You can buy heaters, which will create the same comfort in your home. Electricity consumption in electric fireplaces quite minimal, it is usually about 120-150 watts to simulate the burning and from 300 to 2000 watts to heat the room. Electric fireplaces are easy to operation, and, if desired, they can move from place to place – none of the classic fireplace will not allow you to do so. In addition, there is another point that builders often silent – in our latitudes fireplace performs rather an aesthetic function, if used as a heater, then you're likely to wake up from the cold. Even in the 19 century fireplace was used primarily as a means of ventilation.

Meanwhile, electric fireplaces and heaters can work – it all depends on how much power you select. Heaters, even the most expensive, will cost several times cheaper is not the most elegant classical fireplace. Add to this the lack of having to buy firewood and fireplace accessories – tongs, scoops and other things. The result is that electric fireplaces – is more economical and less troublesome way to get home real home. Moreover, in its execution and design of electric fireplaces today are almost on par with the classic fireplaces. Allocate electros with decorative portals, freestanding electric fireplaces and electric fireplaces, vstraevyemye into the wall. You can buy a fireplace with the effect of burning "wood" or "coal", electric heater can be used as a safe night light – in other words, the possibility of electric fireplaces today are phenomenal. Not excluded that is, the producers will learn to imitate and crackle and smell of burning wood, and then the line between classic fireplace and the heater will be erased completely.

Life Without Roads

Active interest pokatushki arose long ago and has a very significant event in history. But what is different, because our desire for constant development of remote areas emerged almost unexplored along with people and people very long ago began to dream up different possibilities for the investigation of unexplored territories. While earlier the best friend of people are all-terrain cart, then for the time being the best vehicle to move off-road quad bike is. ATV in its formal sense, is not quite typical of the type of micro standard SUV, as is commonly believed, but rather a complete and individual means of transportation, the main advantage of which is considered high speed, small dimensions and weight, allowing ATVs to ride, where a large SUV just would not be passed. Besides differences in the amount of motor ATVs can be easily divided into two major groups – sports and utility. Sport type models that receive less weight, a five-speed manual transmission is often equipped and available for 1 rider. Utility models are equipped with an automatic transmission type, and weigh much heavier, so that the capacity of this ATV is increased by several times and it can carry not only the driver seat and passenger, but roomy bagazhnichek.

Assessing the quad (ATV) in the work, usually either want to be in the shoes of a driver, stay the owner of this type of technology, ahead of time deciding what kind of kvardrotsikl choose. And after the acquisition, dash near the cottage and the power of defining the activity and the enormous potential of this type of technology, anyone with a wish a lot more – more activity, more extreme and adventure. Once the owner ATV will understand that self-interest defeated plant and water barriers are not so fun as this all goes without passion – the main component of many pokatushek in a cohesive group.


Of course, clean your device from dirt and dust can be completely himself, but the array of services for printer device also involves a number of more complex operations. Most of the parts inside your printer need regular lubrication. And this process does not suffer amateurs. So if you're not among the brave men or professionals, it is best to include your favorite printer to a service center, where he was sure nothing bad will happen. Visit the service center to Printer maintenance should be a once a year. Most often do so not worth it, because the device itself is not necessary.

Less often is also not worth it, because you might miss a serious problem, after which the printer it will be difficult to revive. After paying for the work of a specialist about $ 10, you can not worry about the stability of the printer. Particularly relevant is visiting the service centers for owners of expensive printers as well as through the failure of such a device would be much harder than the loss of $ 10. But owners of old low-cost inkjet printers can afford to practice to get acquainted with the procedure lubricant printer. If all goes smoothly, we will acquire another skill. If this will damage the device will be an occasion to buy a new model. How do I know that it was time to prevent the printer first, it is worth remembering that prevention is the printer needs a once a year even if the device is admirably with the tasks assigned to it and shows no signs of illness.

Computer Mice

But still there are moments when its gone, and what it affects? I'll start with the mouse: mice at various different sensitivity. Optical and laser mouse is even on wheels, but this is just a mouse adtskie When a person sits for hours at one mouse produced by the effects of the reaction. More precisely, you can put your mouse on an enemy or even kill it before and how it will respond normally the brain. Your hand already knows how much to spend on a mouse that would not get past a clearly in the body or head. Mice on other people's your reflexes are preserved, but you should consider re-accustomed to it. As they say will have no reaction at all to do the steps and thinking about direct sight. This is a huge minus in the game. I will continue with the keyboard: Some people think that the keyboard is not much turns, but it is not.

The keyboard is also much influenced by that. For example those who are learning music in schools or in spite of the recruit Klava tex me at high speed understand. To begin with that, a myriad of keyboards and all their different distance between the keys, the depth of depression, a form of the keyboard itself and even the form layout. So what does this all leads. Again, playing on his keyboard you already know without any problems even though the keyboard where you press. When the game is changing for the keyboard and the player makes the action much faster than in training (at least trying to) is very often misses the key to the vital moment, and kill him.