Range or supplemented by the addition of a new brand profiles, or due to 'advanced' version of the profile system, with which the company is already working. New Window systems require to meet their level of accessories. Increased customer qualification Most buyers have already bought the windows box, or did their friends. Massive advertising has also made its contribution to education customers. Their behavior becomes more rational, many pre-defined name or type of profile system hardware.

The more the importance of accessories. If the buyers – a married couple, the final choice in favor of vendor-specific windows often makes a woman. In this case, perfection is particularly important detail. Perhaps the quality of window handle, seen through the shape, luster and color of plastic, be more important than its functional characteristics. Systems on the market framework nets can be divided into four main groups: the European system, manufactured in Russia and the main producers of the German Italian mosquito systems have long placed orders for extruded profiles and plastic parts for Russian enterprises. Group. The main advantage of this approach – the low price of components. The main disadvantage – Products comes from various Russian suppliers. In this case the owners of systems is often difficult to control quality.

The reputation of such systems is also affected by the numerous copies. Russian copies of the European systems Russian copies – complete similarity most famous German and Italian systems. By virtue of simplicity, the production of the most frequently copied extruded profile systems. The main trump card of copies – a very low price. This is a purely Russian systems of extruded, manufactured under private label. Some systems have a very successful improvement compared to the European, such as fasteners. Such systems compete successfully with the above, offering comparable quality and price levels. Imported European system of merit of such systems – a stable quality control. Typically, components are produced by one supplier and is therefore well suited to each other. These components are more expensive. The higher cost is largely offset by lower labor costs in the assembly and maintenance savings claims on assembled products. Roller door and frame separately from the mesh nets are nets and roller doors. Roll the mesh represented manufacturers from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Holland, Italy and other countries. Roller net framework for superior ease of use. They lack the crosspiece, and roll design allows the air space (mesh fabric reduces air). Structurally, there are two options: grid provided with the kit 'DIY' (a box with a coiled inside a grid, guides, and springs) and assembled from individual parts to fit. The first option is very useful in the production. Window company is only required to cut off rails and box to fit the window. The second option more difficult to assemble, but differs elaborated mechanism and high reliability. Door grid system designed for large openings and large number of cycles of opening and closing. Conventional grid framework, as a rule, do not maintain long-term use in the doorway. Therefore, the door systems use more powerful aluminum profiles and special accessories (hinges, door closers, lock) designed for frequent heavy use. Summing up the market for mosquito nets should be market windows. Increased skills and the desire of consumers to attract window companies customers from higher segments of the market affects the quality requirements of window accessories.