But in other countries, all may not be the case. For example, five years ago, fruity flavors have been popular in America, but not in Europe. Therefore, the development of flavor for the international market for major brands hold a neutral policy, choosing a middle ground – the scent, who will take the majority. Aroma marketers reveal their favorite scents and Russia: mango, vanilla, citrus, leather, lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose, mint, basil, pine needles. We do not like sweet smells of fruit, cucumber and star anise. And finally, most importantly – all is good in moderation. Too sharp or intense smells can irritate anyone, not to mention the people who suffer from allergies.

One restaurant in America, even banned visitors to enjoy too "smelly" perfume so as not to annoy the other guests and do not distract them from the subtle smell of gourmet dishes. Lovers of rampant use of odorous accused of contempt others. There's even a special term – "Perfumes rape." So the smell must be, above all, discreet. Features of the Russian market aroma souvenirs we were asked to describe a specialist company Center Nixdorf Vladimir Afanaskina, Project Manager Business aromatization. What are the application technology of flavors for souvenirs? How long does the smell? Technologies used include: Concentrated liquid or pasty flavor. Can be applied to any "absorbing" a souvenir. For example, a pen in a gift box, a chess / backgammon / checkers. Now we are working very interesting project: paper bags for gifts, with glued flowers in organza.