That ninol understood that can trust you and that seras franca when necessary without having to hide or conceal something. Don’t underestimate his intelligence, especially because children learn very fast. Realize that but found an answer with you will find it on other side and what is worse in their own way or the way of malicious people who can cause damage. But you have tell a response at that time and fixed a date or time later, that will help you to gain time but you know the subject or not know as Trust to deal with it in the. Gives you your space and left to develop their own privacy, but always stay connected and aware of what makes. When have given you a good education sabra children to do on their own and take good decisions, is therefore important the example of mother that you give, not what say you, but what the notes it. Search for help and advice when deciding something important is difficult. It is very easy to make decisions wrong when emotions are altered.

It is better to have a neutral and reliable opinion, may be a trusted friend, a friend that has demonstrated that it is, a book, Internet or any other resource. Being a single mother is not a crime and you are neither the first nor the only. There are many like you and we all have the same doubts and fears. Like it or not, your child copy todo de ti. It depends on you, what you give to copy.

ANIMO! the first step is difficult but is necessary and worthwhile. Take control, is not an act magic that will make every problem go away. You must know it will be hard and many times want throwing in the towel, you will feel tired and depressed. Many times things are worse posted and feel that is not worth following. GLAD! Remember that when the night is more dark, is that dawn is near. Only resist a little more. To encourage you just hug your son, plays and laughs with the. Look at their eyes and see that the trust in you, you’re their only hope and refuge in this world. Another thing more, remember that you’re mother but also are a woman and a human being. Do not forget to have fun, go out with friends and rie. It gives a tour of the Park to relax nerves. ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Get an inventory of what you have and what you must discard goes ahead. Marilu Lopez Director of Social Network for unmarried mothers