A young woman lives in a garbage dump nearby, WINS life finding the objects that can be sold, not only a godmother has parents who before dying says a priest not you desampare it. The cleric says one of his parishioners millionaire to take her maid to his house. This is the case. When you are living there, the young woman falls for the son of his benefactor but has to contend with a millionaire women to win the love of his. According to Robert Bakish, who has experience with these questions. After great sadness, the young woman marries this young millionaire, everything is solved quickly and everyone living happily. Do you think this brief history family? It is one of the many stories of soap operas, a similar plot, by the way, was very successful on television a few years ago. Although many television companies come from this type of stories for your audience shielded under the classification of entertainment, the truth is that they only cause in the viewer the desire to be millionaires, without effort, only with a bit of luck, waiting for the magic to appear.

The people with magical thinking, assume that everything will change from night to morning, what is more, they go to bed in your bed waiting for the pillow to solve them the problem. They have typical phrases as nothing happens, I already asked this or that holy to resolve me my problem or that situation will be resolved over time. That stance has been installed in the brains of those people by the mass communication media, introducing them telenovelas, series and newscasts where show them to people with luck or that changed his life in a heartbeat, but never show them how they managed it. How will always be most important about that, or put another way, as I’ve written in other books, the process is more significant than the end.