Many of us we have ever taken the desicion to lead a great team, grow in the Organization to which we belong, or simply to grow only good and positive relations but we didn’t know where to start? The answer lies in the circle of influence. In order to be focused in a process of growth and development, both personal and professional, not we can disperse us in negative relationships that make us lose our time and wear us out emotionally and psychologically. I have personally spent a lot of time trying to understand why, despite my efforts to help and motivate the people who surrounded me, in the majority of cases could not influence them positively, and even several had a negative concept of me. I didn’t understand why, but I felt that I was growing and developing myself as a leader, yet not only had many people in my range of action that I did not follow, but it also had several against me. It took me time to understand that the answer was very simple: was a matter of values. The Circulo’s influence is formed by people who share the same basic values, which in turn are those that determine the general attitude towards different aspects of life: family, work, health, etc.

When viewed from this perspective, it is understandable and even logical that a leader, by more skills you have, not only is not followed by all who surround him, but might even have enemies. Based on this identification or similarity of values, I have been able to identify 2 types of people: the positive and the negative. The first would be those who share with us the most important values that govern our lives (for example: teamwork, time with the family, take care of health, etc.), and the latter, which are moved by other values or priorities, that does not necessarily have to be good or evil (such as for example, the individual, spending more time working work to earn money in order to better take care of the family, or to have a good plan for health, etc.). It should be clarified that to refer me to positive and negative people am not saying that we we should make a moral judgment about others, but who are those who share our priorities in life and who do not understand. Understand this has been extremely liberating for me, since it allowed me to begin to focus only on those that’s worth the effort, my circle of influence me. Usually these people accept us and us value, and are willing to listen to us and take into account our views, beyond the affinity that can feel by us personally. This makes us feel good and motivated to work harder in pursuit of our goals. It is proven when a person focuses his attention on something, it tends to grow and be strengthened.

This is exactly what happens with the Circulo’s influence. Therefore, start where you are and with whom they’re (albeit only one person). Notes who are within your RADIUS of action everyday who share your principles, your ideals and your values, and take care of them. Listen to them, understand them and ayulalos to get what they need, and your circle of influence will be strengthened. Don’t lose time and energy that you criticize or denigrate you, ignore them. You focus on your people and leave the doors open for those who do want to enter your circle, and this will grow indefinitely. Original author and source of the article