Laminated flooring is by far one of the most popular floor coverings. Such coverage is, above all, practical, wear-resistant and affordable. There is also a huge selection of different colors and designs. In the 40 – s 20 – th century was invented parquet. But at its operation encountered too many problems. And already in 1970 in Sweden there is a laminate. He was a hygienic, easy to clean and install, and cost is not as expensive as hardwood floor.

Since then a laminated cover got a lot of fans around the world. As time went on, the design and manufacturing techniques improved laminate. And soon came a laminate with a facet. So what is a laminate with beveled? Bevel – a depression which formed in conjunction with laminated boards slightly beveled edges. First of all, they are decorative and aesthetic role. Laminate with beveled looks similar to the coating of solid parquet. For it is simply necessary facet. It allows you to stack the floors on an uneven surface, as well as to conceal irregularities in the anchoring of boards, when laminate starts to deform and to go from extremes of temperature and influence on him of moisture.

In the world there are two main types of bevels. 1) Bevel with deepening of 2 mm 2) Bevel with depression 1 mm Chamfer also prolongs the life of the laminate. This happens when the time of loading castle laminate begins . The presence of facets makes these cracks hardly visible, thereby increasing the life of laminated boards. Some say it will get clogged with dirt and moisture collect in the recess, which forms a chamfer. But it is not. Her depth on the many small, that is almost not noticeable, even to the touch, and of course about the dirt that accumulates there to say really inappropriate. So it is not yet one of the owners of the laminate with beveled did not regret his choice. With Chamfer You can visually resize the premises. Chamfer along make the room much longer, and across – wider. Laminate with beveled, as usual, consists of 4 layers. The topmost layer is protective. The upper layer forms a film of acrylic or melamine resin. For such a defense is not terrible either dirt or scratches, or moisture. What qualities of the upper layer, the longer the laminate will retain their original appearance. Under the protective layer is the decorative layer. He imitates the wood, which they laminate board. It is this image and attract our attention. And if we do not like, then we will stop buying, even if the laminate will high quality. Even lower is the core layer. He's the fat and makes the bulk of the panel. Basic layer by 90% consists of solid wood (beech, maple, oak, walnut), the rest is pressed wood shavings. In this layer, sawed locking bar. The denser the base, the harder the lock laminate (it will last longer). And the bottom layer. Is a resin impregnated paper. It protects the panel from moisture. Due to this panel is not curved and not deformed. Before there as a lay laminate mural – should lay the substrate. It is necessary to absorb noise and shock absorption. But some manufacturers are already producing a laminate with a built- substrate. Such a substrate reduces noise by 20 dB. Laminate with bevel helps to solve unusual design ideas. And if the chamfer impregnated with wax, it is no problem with wet cleaning you will not. Original form the laminate will enjoy yourself, and guests will envy.