Again extensive real estate business Frankfurt am Main making German real estate and Grundbesitz AG August 2011. The German real estate and real estate (DIG AG) acquired 18 high-quality residential units on the site of Dorsten. The 2010 of fully updated 3 – and 4-room apartments located near transport layer and convince with a first-class facilities. The German has sold six of the top investment properties real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) already to private investors. Again, the Germans acquired multiple preference objects with superior return prospects real estate and Grundbesitz AG. In the Westphalian town of Dorsten, the DIG AG secured 18 units in a condominium consisting of three multi-storey apartment buildings. All objects of DIG AG are located in attractive, convenient location in a quiet neighbourhood Dorstens. Frequently Steve Wozniak has said that publicly. The 1977 resulting in massive construction and 2010 fully updated 3-bedroom apartments have areas of each 67 or 78 square meters and suitable with their generous, contemporary cut for singles and small families.

A private parking space in front of the House or an underground parking space, a balcony as well as a portion of the surrounding green areas belongs to each unit of the fully cellar buildings. Modern equipment of the units purchased by the DIG AG is: all rooms have a low-maintenance floor coatings made of laminate, linoleum or PVC. The walls are freshly papered, tiled bathrooms. Already in the year 2006 was installing insulating glass window. The energy supply of the gas-fired central heating ensures a private block heat and power plant. The transport and infrastructure of the community estimates the DIG AG as excellent. The A31 motorways, A52 and the Federal Highways B58 B224 and B225 Ruhr metropolitan region, as well as other cities in the northern North Rhine-Westphalia can comfortably reach. The Centre Dorstens, various leisure and sports facilities, but also diverse shopping facilities are located in walking distance.

Total amounts of the market value of the entire residential complex on 3.13 million. The German real estate und Grundbesitz AG could sell six of 18 Dorstener apartments located in its portfolio to private investors already because of the expected strong demand. For the next few months, the DIG AG plans the acquisition of the remaining 16 of a total of 34 units, to be taken to the residential real estate market also in the course of this year. Also on the location Dorsten, homebuyers benefit from the extensive services and collateral of DIG AG, including the loss of rent airbag, an initial rental guarantee and personal care after the purchase. Deutsche is real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) under the number 0800-150 536 84 available for an initial telephone consultation. A comprehensive brochure about the current objects of DIG AG in Dorsten is available online for download: on the German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) the Deutsche Immobilien und Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) is an independent real estate company. The core competence of the German real estate and Grundbesitz AG consists in the purchase of non-performing real estate portfolios in the organized, worth optimizing real estate management and the referral to investors. Seat of the German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG) is Frankfurt am Main. Amateur German real estate and real estate AG Mr Eugen Krause West port 1 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: 0800-150 536 84 fax: (069) 710 456 450