Games are made for the surface of the pool tables out of chipboard, marble, betonoplasta, "composite materials". But, the best material for it is natural slate. All international competitions are held at the billiards pool tables, the base of the board which is made of slate. Special cloth, as well as base playing field, should provide a flat surface and good lag, so it must have some hairiness, density and thickness. Billiard cloth is designed to provide absolute "smooth" surface billiard table that allows you to roll the ball quickly and accurately in accordance with a given player in a direction. Most quality brands of cloth are Iwan Simonis, as well as some others.

The sides of a billiard table must withstand severe shock load, so they are made of solid wood. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Pete Cashmore. From the side of the playing field side of the pool table okantovyvayutsya rubber. Rubber sides for specialized uses, which should have some game character, meet the requirements of the profile configuration and elasticity. That depends on the quality of the rubber ball bounces force and trajectory of its motion. When choosing a pool table is not less attention is paid to his pocket. Form pockets may be different, depending on the overall style of the pool table and games, for which it was intended.

However, it is necessary to check the pockets of their main criterion – the geometry of the pocket should be such that the ball did not change the classical trajectory in contact with her, and a player during contact with her could not inflict physical damage to themselves. In order to pool table have long kept their pristine appearance, it is necessary to pay attention to how it is covered. When used as billiard tables only high quality paints and varnishes. Choosing a quality pool table is also important to correctly to calculate its size to fit it in a room is designed for. There are special tables for calculating the size of billiard tables. However, in order to calculate their own size billiard table must – to the size of the board table to add the length of the cue on each side – for the 'Russian pyramid' 155-160 cm for the 'pool' 145 cm Choose a good pool table – is not easy. Some knowledge will not make the wrong choice. But why spend much time studying the information and shopping? Among Weekend Billiard Company pool tables you will get only the best quality. You can get advice by phone: +380955785467