The 2010 edition of the practical CRM workshop seminar was held the past 20 and 21 April in the city of Bogota and it counted with the participation of representatives of well-known companies and was a success. During this training course was accomplished to share experiences with people who had several years of experience in a CRM strategy, people who are in the process of implementation, people who were thinking of implementing and people who were not considering it. In this edition of the workshop workshop CRM different aspects of a CRM strategy, centralization on the client, loyalty of customers, software, concepts, practices and knowledge of how to improve, plan or implement these strategies were discussed. With self-diagnosis and all submitted concepts, participants were able to determine that flaws and strengths had their companies and how they might try to change everything to strengths to achieve best results in the implementation of these strategies of CRM and customer loyalty. Tools or CRM software systems that were presented, much attracted attention for the large facilities that can provide them with companies and so far probably had no knowledge. Demonstrated the functionality of NetSuite, system that is located entirely in the cloud (On demand) and SalesLogix, system that is installed locally on the companies (On Premise) it was demonstrated.

Similarly, demonstrated the Visual Analyzer tool, which genre great commotion by the ease and form that presents the information that is in the system in order to have an analysis of the managerial or administrative more quickly and more understandable part. The next was the agenda of the CRM 2010: 1 practical course. Welcome and introduction of computer Mind of Colombia and participants defined in CRM 3 2.Ejercicio. Fundamental analysis of the four pillars of CRM 4. Self-diagnosis of CRM for each 5 company.

6 Customer evolution cycle. Moments of truth 7. Tools for Optimize the points of interaction with the customer 8.Ejercicio Ritz-Carlton 9. Demonstration 10 SalesLogix. Visual Analyzer 11.explicacion Cloud Computing (cloud computing) demonstration model SaS 12. Demo 13 NetSuite. 14 Customer loyalty process. 15 Customer loyalty programs. Construction of a CRM initiative proposal for the organisation to know what were the participating companies, photos, videos and testimonials, please click here. After this successful event which we normally do only once a year, we are looking at possibilities to repeat at least once more this CRM (management of relationships with customers) training course this year.