And even the high level of scientific and technological progress, which gave people an opportunity to increase significantly level of self-education, does not give him the opportunity to fundamentally think about such a seemingly simple question: "Why people can not win?" In fact, people far removed from even to try to understand why such a tragic situation for himself. After all, even if you follow the basic logic, it is easy to see that the same can not always be in the role of underdog in the world there is always a plus and minus, it is the law of duality (Duality) of the World. But it happens, and happens only because, at the very fact we do not have the people, we have people living on the territory of one state. Opening the dictionary, you can, for example, read one of the interpretations the concept of "nation": "people – a large number of people gathered in one place." And these interpretations are not so little. But as it turns out, none of them correctly does not display the essence of such concepts as "the people".

The essence of this concept has long been hidden by people who used people to achieve their own power. Think over what man differs from the animal, whether it is a social being and what society in general. If man lived only its own interests, it would little different from animals, although the animals often display a sense of solidarity towards each other. For example, a closer look to the ordinary life of ordinary villagers.