Guidelines for weatherization and insulation of walls, floors, roofs, walls, basements of houses and facades of buildings! JSC "Zavod Minplita 'CC LinerockZAChEM NEED INSULATION? The main objectives are to provide thermal insulation of buildings comfortable stay indoors, reducing heating costs and reducing construction costs. Heat losses occur in a private home, mainly through the walls, roof and floor. Therefore, the construction of the focus must insulation is given to those building envelopes at home. The use of modern insulating materials to create a reliable thermal barrier to heat loss. As a result, in the home and cold and hot weather kept a comfortable temperature-humidity conditions, and reduction of heat loss can be up to 50% of energy used for heating. For example, the energy savings for Heating two-story house of 150 m2, located in Ekaterinburg, as a result of warming of the brick walls with slabs LAYNROK LITE average is 63 480 kW / h or 95 218 USD (for heating homes electrically heater, the cost of 1 kW / h = 1.50 USD.) per month. Thermal insulation of external walls and insulating materials can significantly reduce the cost of the building due to economy of materials on the device enclosing konstruktsiy.ChTO IS LAYNROK? LAYNROK – modern eco-friendly heat and sound insulating materials based on mineral wool used in residential construction.

Mineral wool insulation LAYNROK used for insulating building envelopes all the elements of low-rise buildings, villas and baths: pitched roofs and attics, attic and floor decks, exterior walls and floors by laying insulation between the joists. Also can be used as insulation in partition walls and fireproof materials. Products LAYNROK have all the necessary documents confirming their quality and safety, certifying that the materials suitable for use in construction across Russia and Kazakhstan. WHY LAYNROK? For good insulating properties of the roof, walls and floors of the building to use high-quality insulation, capable of building structures as part of a long time to maintain its insulating properties, size and shape. .