Weapon developed over a fairly long period of time during which it passed the different stages of improvement and modification. From the ancient primitive to modern super with the latest technology. And this is not the limit, given the pace with which progress is moving in the near future weapons will become even more powerful and modernized. But it goes on how good a weapon in the battle, not about its technical characteristics, and on his appearance, aesthetics and beauty. Currently, there are several companies that manufacture weapons, engraving and artistic production of weapons, etc. But we'll talk about the company, located in the city of Tula, who gained fame from ancient times – of the masters of arms. Company Lefty-T – a souvenir weapon Tula craftsmen, operating a copy of an old and long-forgotten weapon.

If you suffer the question of how to make original and unique gift that will always be remembered and will never become obsolete, gift sets with artistically decorated with guns, hunting knives, daggers will delight as versed in weapons, as well as amateurs. More info: Mikkel Svane. Promotional products are not limited to one weapon, desk sets, address folder, wall panels, Easter eggs – this is not a complete list of products firm. Orders for production of any other metal and various stones. About Tula Arms world heard in the 16th century. In Tula was established a military garrison with its center in the Kremlin.

Lefty-T continues the best traditions Tula gunsmiths in the production of the collection of hunting weapons and the cold more. Creating a first paper in the form of sketches, and then on metal or wood elements of art jewelry, wizard combine different techniques and methods for getting best stories. Each sample was made in a single copy of all handmade and will not be repeated. The company produces different Fire Vintage Guns – individual and totally unique artistic performance of fire-hunting weapons, taking into account customer's wishes. Experienced armourers specifically to your order produce any hunting knives, to suit your requirements and wishes. Moreover, the knives are made that are not cold steel, which makes it easier to purchase and possession. When ordering Thule weapons, such as a knife, you can choose the shape of the blade that will fit its intended purpose, whether it be hunting, or economic shkuroder. So, the company has been 12 years and its main activity is – deluxe weapons and souvenir, decoration of firearms and bladed weapons.