So hot on their way to the establishment of the first contest of the founder, the training, financing and gains from a single source offers ideas”- so the self-expression of the online initiative founders garage, by Gunter Faltin (author: head hits capital) launched. The platform should familiarize creatively young entrepreneurs with the business creation theme. Helpful videos and exercises support the learning process. The creative young entrepreneur should get the chance on first steps in the world of creation. “This initiative took the Crowdfunding successful in the United States platform and the Foundation of the online giant Google Google for Entrepreneures ‘ in the boat. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is likely to agree. The ideas of the founder from all areas can be set on Indiegogo. A self defined funding goal (for example, 5,000 euros) is needed to apply.

The participants reached the target, a chance on doubling by Google for Entrepreneures “, supplied up to 150,000 euros. The Idea diversity at indiegogo ranges of socially driven ideas about film projects to solutions for businesses or schools. One of approximately 110 submitted Crowdfunding is ideas travel The founder of the online platform would call a network for all those people in life. Exceptional activities such as, for example, Geocatching on Mount Kilimanjaro, abseiling down waterfalls, travel involve nightlife tours through Bangkok or weddings under water. Travel would like to specifically work with small providers (local / German emigrants) and these strengths. In the start phase to the search by activities a few travel destinations will limit in order to not lose track. The provider can create a profile on the platform, cease their activities and enhance so your online presence in Germany.

All founders offer a kind of small in return for the support of projects. Indiegogo calls these perks”. The perks range from Postcards of premium access to invitations to dinner. It is worth to visit in any case and keep the progress of this innovative competition in mind.