Ense. Further details can be found at Viacom, an internet resource. The Start-Up company Mojox opens German specialists on its online platform the doors to the part-time self-employment. Classic job and freelance portals are well-known. The portal is mojox.de classic job market nor Freelancer portal, but exclusively specializes in reducing the shortage by bringing together professionals and companies. Energy Capital Partners London spoke with conviction. While the founders of the company pursue part-time self-employment by professionals from all industries that so their technical knowledge and expand, try out the independence and increase their financial cushions.

Company offers the advantage to their concrete needs of professionals in the short term. The company aims to counteract the skills shortage in Germany, and to encourage to become professionals. It is known that the skills shortage in Europe is a problem (source: IZA research report No. 9), and rising. Compete for the high potentials as well as the Immediate consequences include difficulty for medium-sized enterprises to meet their need for skilled workers.

The potential for professionals, which is behind this issue, is hardly to see: their part-time usage can be the solution to the problem of many companies. The principle of Mojox is simple: a profile of their qualifications and experience professionals can post anonymously on the portal. This profile is then available for all companies with a need for skilled workers. The specialist is found from companies and can their expertise in seeking companies use. “, says Stefan Muller (38), co-founder of Mojox. A big advantage of the Mojox use for the professionals turns out Thomas Glasser (39): “we remove as possible the administrative tasks, such as for example the acquisition/search specialists in relevant projects. Optionally we offer a service to invoice billing, so that the experts fully focus on their area of expertise. At the same time would we motivate as many professionals to part-time self-employment with the platform. The advantage of this independence is located in the low financial risk, since the main employment must not be abandoned.” Of course, professionals will find the necessary support on the portal, as well as the answer to fiscal or legal issues. Part-time work is becoming increasingly important for many workers to cover running costs. Others would themselves carry out or develop. However, almost all lack the courage to self-employment due to fears of existence of, lack of customer base and ideas. Thomas Glasser: Mojox offers the ideal solution for this and is generally free of charge for all. Additional offers can be booked for a very low fee and no term obligation. Our goal is to have at least 100,000 registered professionals and 60,000 registered companies by the end of 2011.