Some assume that this new situation is a product of modernity, of consolidation, the emergence of media groups and the exchange of ideological goals in the income statement. In fact, the mid-90s and a fracture occurred professional, not between old and young – is that there are old in this profession that plays havoc family, moral and cardiovascular? – or between liberals and sumps, which was what came to be in fashion in a brief and safe season. The fracture separated the professional according to the company that provided services. Fortunately, the climax of the conflict took me for a successful stay in New York, so I did not have anyone angry with someone who had been taking drinks until the day before. But overall, it was not. In those days football wars and mergers and failures, there were journalists who were commissioned to discredit the hand books and then, for the sake of those agreements always take the heights that changed over the journalists on the street, their authors were overruled when they simply outlawed.

No better, precisely the situation here since then. We now live times of new markets, corporate mergers and antitrust laws that affect some people more than others and that put almost everyone nervous. Therefore, the troops of some media groups must be in permanent state of magazine, as its military contribution may be required at any time. AY is of being distracted or simply consider a conscientious objector in the war! Many press offices, publishers and television producers today are full of refugees from the compulsory military service journalism.