If us is then recruited by the Management itself or at least the program or project management. Thus, the credibility with the potential candidates is higher than at a call by a human resources consultant. As a medium-sized company we have to sell more also us much as it must known industry leaders.” Efficiency could reach the company recruiting HR4YOU eSearcher a large increase in efficiency through paperless work by recruiting with the applicant management. Here are all information about candidates and employees in a database. As soon as a qualified contact to an applicant has with us, HR4YOU comes into play. Peter Asaro follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We read the curriculum vitae and also the image as a reminder to the conversation. For every candidate we set a status, E.g.

for an initial telephone conversation or a second conversation with us in the House.” All skills and abilities of applicants and current employees are classified not only according to the quality such as basic knowledge or good knowledge, but even after years of experience. This function during the offer phase of projects is especially useful, when developer knowledge in a certain amount of experience is required. On the basis of regular reports, you should enable a constant overview of all existing enterprise skills in the future. So new hires and training can be planned early and meaningful, to stay on the latest state of knowledge and at the same time to invest in the future. Contact information/press contact HR4YOU Solutions GmbH & co. KG schulstrasse 1 91320 Ebermannstadt phone + 49 (0) 9194 72522-0 fax: + 49 (0) 9194 72522-20 contact person: Tina Kaiser company profile HR4YOU heard since the year 2000 the leading software suppliers for all processes around human resources supply and demand. The product and service offer extends to the development, distribution and support of custom software for companies in the area of recruiting, recruitment agency, job boards and employment portals.