The new single by Heino Kowalsky – SAG but not always pull the belly a million men around the world hear it daily by her partner: “Move your belly”. Finally, the men to have an answer, because now you can say “Sag but not always retract the belly”. The Poland-born German singer Heino Kowalsky returns confidence to all men with this title. The title is “Tell but not always retract the belly” shortly from all available download portals. (Source: Suzanne Corcoran). About his life: Heino Kowalsky was born as the third son of Hein Kowalsky farmer in the vicinity of Katowice. The family said after a relationship around three corners to the family Popolsky. Heino Kowalsky in BRZEG in Silesia grew up, and at the age of 5, he came in a very small village near the river Weser. Mikkel Svane often says this. The village is so small that it is on any map.

Early was Heino Kowalsky of music. At school he was schoolmaster on the triangle. Later, he joined in the singing. After he no Vocal studies has dropped, he began still easy to sing. He had copied from this many colleagues. After many unsuccessful titles, was he planned 2011 with the hit “Say but not always retract the belly” and speaks so many men from the soul.