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National Conference

Under the motto ‘crossing borders’ held the regional conference from 8 to October 10, 2010 for the first time together with the young economy of Upper Austria and the wirtschaftsjunioren in eske Budjovice. That the lower Bavarian town of Passau has more to offer than fantastic scenery and an idyllic old town, prove the wirtschaftsjunioren Passau with this year’s National Conference. Two years Executive and Conference team work at full speed, to provide a first-class program participants. “Stefan Aigner, Chairman of the wirtschaftsjunioren Passau to the Conference: due to our geographical position in the middle of the triangle, the motto is crossing borders” on. We are therefore particularly pleased to that from Upper Austria and South Bohemia a large participation was said to us. Borders are of course the events around the Conference”exceeded!” Networking in a relaxed atmosphere in the Centre stands on the comprehensive program apart from operating tours in the surrounding area and workshops with top-class speakers. By the combination of information, culture, fun and action are probable participants in the Conference two and a half days full of variety: from the start of the event you can experience immediately Passau.

The city Fox tours are known for their successful combination of expertise acting performance in historical props. Who wants to better explore the city on your own, can do with the MINI scavenger hunt and with luck after the highlight on Saturday to take home an original MINI one. Of course, a wide range of program points is ready for sports and Actionbegeisterte: water skiing up to the bungee running, participants can exceed their personal limits. The conclusion of the first day of the Conference is the Welcome Party with dinner and live music in the historical halls of the Passau town theatre of La Redoute. The participants can begin the second day of the Conference very athletic with a morning run before they have the choice between many other cultural or sporting events. The afternoon is “then in the character of the Conference motto: in a panel discussion with local and national personalities, the theme of boundaries will exceed” viewed from different angles.

The grand finale of the Conference is the gala dinner diamond fever”on the Crystal ship with live music, Fireworks and the raffle of a MINI one. With over 400 entries we can talk confidently of a record number of participants,”so Aigner satisfied. An event of this magnitude can be used successfully of course only a well-established team on the legs. The willingness of all team members, who engage voluntarily and with full commitment is quite remarkable. Of course even the generosity of the sponsors helps, can realize this event at all.” Aigner and his team want to help with the Conference to bring the three country ahead and rejoice when all participants the opportunity, cross-border networks.

Support 20 Orphans In Sri Lanka

“With support from Katharina Kuhlmann, the presenter of the eBay tuning Championship of the DSF and ehemeligen ‘ Miss Tuining”, auctioned the dry lands project e.V…. Support 20 orphans in Sri Lanka, by making the race at this auction! With support from Katharina Kuhlmann, the presenter of the eBay tuning Championship of the DSF and former Miss Tuining”, the dry lands project e.V. at this auction sold a series car, which order was styled according to all rules of art to a first-class ride. In the framework of a five-part series in the DSF, four battered cars by ambitious tuning teams were rebuilt and evaluated in three categories. Presenter of the DSF for charity eBay tuning Championship signed the presenter of the show and former Miss tuning”Katharina Kuhlmann these two show cars.

You can at this auction, the Green Honda CRX del Sol by the team Provotekk to bid and to assist with the entire proceeds from the dry lands project e.V.! > Click here for the auction:… On the initiative of our project involves a small German charity which has set itself the target after the tsunami disaster in December 2004 give a new perspective for the future of orphaned and neglected children in Sri Lanka. In a first set up our initiative, the so-called Angels home for children, have now 20 girls found a new home. The children live, learn and play in this home and this very lovingly maintained by local nurses. Initiator of the dry lands project e.V. is who has founded German Frank Lieneke, who is continuously in Marawila locally since the founding of the Organization in January 2005 and the angels home for children and rebuilt. Also he is present themselves daily in the facility and has thus close contact to the girls living there, as well as to the hired staff. In addition to additional private lessons in English and mathematics, the children in the angels have the possibility, the traditional dance of Kandy, as well as various typical home for children Hand work to learn.

Despite the German management of the initiative, we will try to maintain the Sinhalese culture of the girls and to promote. The dry lands project e.V. is funded entirely by private donations and sponsorships. Thus, for us, it is a constant battle to win the monthly funds for the financing of the angels home for children.