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Environmental Computer

Environmental computer sold computers and accessories, which are consistently selected for performance, energy consumption and maximum sustainability the philosophy of we share the uncompromising standards of our customers environmentally friendly, sophisticated and high-quality products, energy-efficient components and first-class workmanship. With our product range we can offer computer and hardware with excellent price – performance ratio. The brand environment computer excels in content delivery and quality. We are a transparent and fair, the aim of which is to inform our customers, to advise and to make a valuable contribution to the environmental protection together with them. If you are not convinced, visit Castle Harlan. Our products meet the highest standards of performance and work also extremely energy efficient. Often, they need only a fraction of the energy of commercially available standard products for the intended purpose.

Three good reasons for an environmental COMPUTER to decide 1.) During a commercially available computer for “Office use in the Office area consumes up to 120 watts, the working environment computer home & Office” from efficient 48 Watts. Due to the low power consumption, protect not only the environment, but save even money with your electricity bill. Resource-intensive work are 2) computer. We take responsibility and search the market for the best, cleanest, and most efficient components. Our selection is based on: own measurements and experience recommendations of environmental organisations independent testing institutes publicly accessible test reports manufacturer constantly we research for you, to find the most environmentally friendly components on the market and to integrate them into our offer. Each environment computer is made by us in handwork and equipped with this hardware.

3.) our product selection is always to the best knowledge and current information. Benefit from our know-how and our eco-friendly products. “The environmental computer computer”Monarch series”presented energy demand the computer”Monarch series”” designed for the home and Office area. The Office area is working 8 hours a day with the computer, in many service companies “the computer 24 hours running” a day consistently. Also in terms of home computer be used considerably more intensive than some years ago. The “monarch”series components are designed for intensive use and maximum efficiency. With a consumption from 48 Watts during normal operation, you can save “Environment computer monarch 1” compared to standard models with up to 150% of the current cost. Effectively, you save on intensive use of the machine per year about 110,00. Over 330 savings are alone in the depreciation period (AfA) of 3 years! (Increase of electricity prices not included) Office 5 days / week – 8 hours / day will use less energy consumed less electricity must be produced. So you help actively reduce CO2 emissions and thus to preserve our environment. Compliance with environmental directives we select only components, the RoHS and WEEE standards (see environmental guidelines) meet. The directive ensures that maximum 0,01% by weight are contain lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers cadmium and 0.1% by weight. Just these substances emerge partly from landfills in nature, are poorly degradable and end up in the natural cycle.

Zelleron Gmb

Therefore, fuel cells can produce electricity with greater efficiency. Conceptually, a fuel cell consists of an anode, a cathode and an intervening barrier, the electrolyte. At the anode, the fuel with the formation of water is oxidized (surplus of electrons), oxygen from the air is ionized at the cathode (electron deficient). The two electrodes are now connected with a conductor, current between the electrodes comparable flows as in a battery. A fuel cell can be operated however continuously, fuel and air is led to constantly the respective electrodes. The eZelleron GmbH: The eZelleron GmbH, headquartered in Dresden, Germany is an innovative company with the Aimed at revolutionizing the portable power supply. The ever-increasing requirements for mobile energy storage can be covered only limited by battery systems and batteries. There as many people to the advantages of fuel cell can benefit and so get the freedom anywhere, anytime mobile to be able to use electronic devices.

For this reason worldwide research on fuel cell systems. A major breakthrough here the eZelleron – visions of the future be integrated into real products. For more information, see about Fraunhofer venture: the Fraunhofer venture founded in the year 1999, sees itself as a partner of Fraunhofer institutes, founders and startups, as well as by industry and investors. Young companies through access to Fraunhofer technologies, infrastructure and expertise offers the opportunity to establish themselves with their products on the market faster and better to over 5,200 patent families. To supplement experts of in business administration and Contract design of the existing technological competence of scientists. Entrepreneurs get an in-depth and targeted advice and support. The service range includes the creation, technology transfer, financing and investment management. For more information, see about eCAPITAL: the eCAPITAL is an entrepreneurial venture capital company headquartered in Munster, which actively accompanied innovative entrepreneurs in promising industries since 1999.

The focus is on fast-growing companies in the segments of information technology / communications, engineering / new materials, optical technologies, Cleantech, and innovative services. eCAPITAL manages five funds with capital of over 85 million drawing and nationwide invests in companies in the early stage and later stage phase, as well as in the small middle class”. For more information, see on the technology founder Fund Saxony (TFGS): the a TGFS is a VC Fund with a volume of 60 million in and invests in start-ups and young businesses exclusively in the high-tech field. The companies benefit in addition to the supply of equity capital from the experience of the Fund Manager, which accompanied more than 100 companies in the past 14 years. The a TGFS invested funds of the free State of Saxony, supported by the European Fund for regional development (EFRE) and by the societies of Chemnitz, Leipzig and Dresden, as well as by LBBW. For more information, see press contact Jorg Rothlingshofer phone 089 / 51 91 96 31