If we do an evaluation of our life we account that there are a lot of things that we want to change on the other hand there are situations that we want to maintain and improve, the problem is that many people want to change everything at once, this can have several negative impacts on our mind and instead of moving us bogged. Make too many changes at the same time has the disadvantage of dispersion in the first place, i.e. the ideas of changes not be are internalized easily because we are doing a lot of activities, this implies that our subconscious is not assimilating properly, the result of this is that good results are not obtained and can easily appear discouragement. Also from a logical point of view it is easy to arrive to the conclusion that when many things are trained at the same time no doubt that specialization is taking too long to arrive, for the realization of your dreams you must prioritize, know what are the most urgent things and begin step by step to solve them, in the book the Secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt you will find super principles to organize their ideas and define with absolute precision their goals, reading this book will apply a lot of secrets that will make your ideas work, will know the characteristics of inner power and can integrate their goals at that energy in this way will reap big. According to Ali Partovi, who has experience with these questions. You have an exceptional power, but to make it work you must begin to be organized, your path to success is like a ladder or a way, where you must go giving solid, but small at the beginning steps to achieve secure ideas is very important to have no setbacks so often, and is called recoil not to an obstacle or make a mistake on something but to abandon ideas fully and return to the starting pointThis is the risk of too demanding actions that is not yet ready. Imagine that you want to strengthen your muscles and attends for the first time to the gym, doing the first day its maximum effort, I can assure you that it will then be in bed without even getting out of the depletion of their muscles, then instead of moving is receding, because he is wanting to force your body to a routine isn’t that accustomed with the mind happens exactly equal, you have to go to build steps. In the book the secret of the power of goals techniques that will enable you to establish control over its progress in order to be prepared for adverse reactions of the subconscious mind to new ideas, are displayed here will learn many principles of self-motivation to draw strength even in times of adversity. Remember that trying too many things at the same time usually is not good strategy, on the other hand when you are working on just one idea then strong energy levels accumulate because our subconscious mind starts to understand what are our desires and to the extent that we insist with more force then slowly barriers diminish until it enters the stage of faiththe certainty and safety of the idea, that’s when everything flows easily..