If you walk down any street in your town you’ll see different and varied types of businesses. But as you get close to the area most central city, Downtown, businesses, mostly shown with better appearance, better presentation, facades more elaborate and, generally, more varied stock. Mikkel Svane oftentimes addresses this issue. Applied aesthetics and image sets a noticeable difference, show them better presented in view of the public. Andy Florance has compatible beliefs. Large factories, large chains, big brands, are installed in the central areas, which are at the same time, more expensive areas. They usually seek to obtain more influx of visitors in terms of quality and quantity, i.e. not only seek to seduce or attract a greater number of people, but that they also try to capture greater purchasing power. It is a major traffic area and this favors them.

But, why reason Don Jose, who has a shop in a neighborhood, not installed your business in the downtown area to obtain better earnings? The answer is obvious: Because the investment would need to be installed there is much larger and is not at your fingertips, so Don Jose must comply with your neighborhood business. This does not mean that you cannot prosper and eventually to install your business in the downtown area; but that would be another time and if things go him very well; by now his reality is that is living. Instead Pedro, who has far more money to invest in a business, if you might be pleased to set up a business in the city centre and up to choose the site that most pleases him just as there is a marked difference between one business and another, also income from both businesses are very different, because the profits of a business are directly related to the initial investment. Except, of course, in rare or very rare exceptions. In other words, Pedro will have more traffic, more people in your business, more and better goods, and therefore get greater dividends.