Among the different methods of hair removal can find a wide variety of possible solutions against the uncomfortable hair to suit the conditions of each person, so talk about each of them: depilatory creams: depilatory creams are part of the hair removal methods, which involves the application of a cream on the skin, usually used more often in the legs, but their chemical composition can not use any kind of people and can cause irritation, but it works well in temporary removal of hair, it can last for 2-4 days and can be made from the house and removed a short time. Razors: are among the most widely used methods of hair removal because they have greater marketing, is the most familiar and easily used in the comfort of home, do not take lots of time and are very inexpensive, the disadvantage may have this tool is that in several cases can lead to irritation and injury but is well used, besides the hair eliminated with this type of hair removal methods tends to grow much faster than with other methods, can last from 1-3 days depending on the person. Wax: is part of the methods of hair removal, we can say that is highly recommended by its nature, because its effect can last several weeks as the hair starts from the root makes it increasingly weaker as well as procedure to be performed in a treatment center is the most economical on the market that can be applied throughout the body, problems can arise is that causes some pain to remove the wax and you have to pay money, but who has the money available is highly recommended, since its effect covers a considerable time and is inexpensive compared to other methods of hair removal to be performed in aesthetic centers. Sugar: is one method of hair removal that is taking hold today, even in distant belittle already used, its use was limited to the east, but I mention this is taking hold, because its effect can last several weeks, can be done in the comfort of home and make the mix is easy and economical, plus it makes a gentle exfoliation of the foot Hair Removal: Permanent hair removal is divided into Various methods of hair removal and hair removal is laser hair removal electrolysis and IPL, handle like a certain procedure, use energy, whether electrical, through light, or lightning, the three attacked the beautiful from the root to eliminate definitely the problem with these methods of hair removal is that in spite of hair removal are definitely very expensive, also be carried out, several sessions and that is why such methods of hair removal are not used worldwide..